Owaisi Booked. He Calls Ambedkar “bigger leader” than Gandhi.

OwiseAsaduddin Owaisi is again in the midst of controversy. First he has been booked for violating model code of conduct and secondly, he calls Baba bhimrao Ambedkar as bigger leader than Mahatma Gandhi.

An FIR has been lodged against AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and its candidate Talat Khan for violating the poll conduct. Police says posters of AIMIM were pasted on power corporation property, religious places and private shops hence a case under section 171H of IPC has been registered.

Asaduddin Owaisi is looking for big gains in Uttar Pradesh elections. His strategy is clear – be vitriolic about Modi, poke fun at Mulayam-Akhilesh and be dismissive of Congress and BSP. And eat into the Muslim-Dalit vote. In a bid to woo dalit he termed B R Ambedkar a “bigger leader” than Mahatma Gandhi. He said it was because of the secular and class-free Constitution given by the Dalit icon which has ensured justice in society.

Owaisi made this controversial remark at an election rally in Sambhal. During his speech he said, “Ambedkar is a bigger leader than Mahatma Gandhi … had Ambedkar not given a secular and class-free Constitution, the level of injustice in the country would have been much more and RSS people would not have left any opportunity to spoil the situation,”.


During this rally he also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Khadi calendars and his foreign policy. Owaisi was also critical of the demonetization.

Owaisi’s rallies are drawing huge crowd. A massive rally has been planned for January 19 at Saharanpur, home to Darul Uloom. MIM has declared candidates for 11 seats so far, it is learnt the party has got applications from 100 Assembly constituencies and Asaduddin will decide where to field candidates.

Owaisi never forgets to respond to allegations that MIM was in the fray as part of a strategy to help or defeat some party. He rejects the charge that he is a spoiler. Asaduddin said at the Sambhal public meeting that the socalled secularists have only treated them just as votebanks. We should not allow this to happen now,”. He urged Dalits and other backward classes to support MIM.

Countering Modi’s stand against triple talaq, Owasi asked, “Does Modi know anything about Shariat that he speaks on such issues?” Owaisi is adding a bit of humour to also counter propaganda against Muslims.”Ham ek mein hi pareshan hain (We are burdened with even one marriage),” he remarked to drive home the point that it is wrong to say Muslims marry many times.


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