Our Innocent, Ignorant Members Of Parliament

santosh-bhartiyaIn India’s Parliament, there are great, learned MPs. Be it the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha, it seems upon meeting these MPs that there is nobody in the country more intelligent or wiser than them. One feels inclined to worship them for their intelligence. If someone talks about MPs, then MPs confer it with the label of an ‘insult of Parliament’. But the time has come when we should talk about these MPs and you too should talk about them. Till the time the people of the country will not talk about MPs, till then these MPs will not remember even their fundamental duty.
Parliament is there so that in it discussions take place on the problems related to the country, analysis take place and how solutions can be found to them – a decision can be taken on it. But debate on the basic problems of the country just never happens in this Parliament. The decisions which the Government takes half heartedly or because of its intelligence, even the work of analysing those decisions doesn’t take place in Parliament. More often than not, most MPs go to Parliament without even reading the papers which are sent to them every morning to give them information of the proceedings of the Parliament. We are saying this with assertion because if they would have gone to Parliament after reading those papers which the Parliament Secretariat sends them every morning, then in the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha at least some of their utility would be seen. If a survey is conducted, which we don’t want to do, and if somebody asks the MPs what are the ten basic problems of the country and what are their priorities, then there will be funny answers. But whatever answers be received, on those answers too, if at any time serious debate had taken place in Parliament and some solution found through that debate is not known to anybody sitting outside Parliament. Recently a fresh example has come forth.
The previous Manmohan Government made the Aadhar card in the country. On the Aadhar card, a budget of 60 crores rupees was passed by the Cabinet without bringing it to the knowledge of Parliament, and spending on the card began. A very big businessman, Nandan Nilekani, was made chairman of this scheme and to make the Aadhar card, he chose many such groups whose standing is encircled by doubts. The result: what had to happen, happened. At very many places wrong Aadhar cards were made. Two- two Aadhar cards were made. Aadhar cards were made from false addresses and every person who should not have got an Aadhar card got it. But this is a different kind of debate. The main question and issues regarding the Aadhar card are other ones. MPs don’t know where all the information collected for the Aadhar cards is being sent.

The question arises why the responsibility of making the Aadhar cards and the information collected for them was given to American technical specialists? Can a server not have been made in our country? Could we not have kept the information with us?… But we knowingly gave all this information into the hands of foreigners.

Firstly, MPs don’t even know that the meaning of the Aadhar card is to send basic information of every citizen of our country to those big companies of the world who are called multi-nationals and which want to do business in our country. The second objective of the Aadhar card is sending all our basic information to the American Government so that they can do an analysis of what kind of Government, what kind of opposition, what kind of Judges of the Supreme Court and what kind of officials of the Armed Forces are there and will be, and can bring all the persons to be appointed to those posts in the future in its sphere of influence.
Probably its meaning in simple language is making a country its slave without attacking a country. The meaning of making the country a slave is to continuously keep every citizen of the country under its thumb economically or by other means. Multi-national companies or people working in the American Government can send all this information to our country’s enemy groups. There is also a danger that whatever information has gone to America till now, that information has probably been shared with Pakistan and China. Going by the information given in this Aadhar card, a person sitting in America and keeping an eye on India can know where the Prime Minister of India, the Army Chief of India, the Chief Justice of India and each citizen who has even slight significance in India is going, is doing what, is meeting whom. Now for such information there is no need to bribe the personal staff of somebody. When along with movements all information is there through the Aadhar card with that cell sitting in America which does an analysis of the condition and direction of Indian politics, it means that somewhere or the other America is also influencing and controlling the steps taken by our Government and the Opposition too.
Our correspondents spoke to Members of Parliament and it turned out that a large number of MPs don’t know why the Aadhar card was made, what results are likely to come from the Aadhar card, for what the Aadhar card is going to be used. The situation of Muslim MPs is even worse. They don’t even have a clue to the manner in which communal polarisation is taking place in the world and the effect of which is being seen in India, and how information in the Aadhar card can be used against the Muslim community of this country too. The owners of the big companies controlling the Aadhar card are connected with Israel and these MPs enjoying the facilities of Parliament are unaware of what kind of danger is rising before their entire community.
Making the Aadhar card mandatory has been dismissed outright by the Supreme Court. The case is going on and many former Judges and prominent experts are fighting a battle in the Supreme Court on the question of the dangers emanating from the Aadhar card. It is not just an observation from the Supreme Court but is almost a decision that the Aadhar card should not be considered mandatory anywhere. But the present Government of India is making the Aadhar card mandatory everywhere. In one way the Government of India is working against the orders of the Supreme Court. Neither the MPs in the Rajya Sabha nor the MPs in the Lok Sabha realise this. Nobody uttered even a single word either in the Rajya Sabha or in the Lok Sabha on the decision of the Supreme Court and the intention of the Central Government to implement the Aadhar card.
The Supreme Court is hearing this case. But the Supreme Court too doesn’t understand that the decisions of the Central Government are being published in newspapers on a large scale and the Central Government is making the Aadhar card mandatory against its decision. And the Honorable Judges of the Supreme Court even while reading about it are not making any comment on the Central Government.
The question arises why the responsibility of making the Aadhar cards and the information collected for them was given to American technical specialists? Can a server not have been made in our country? Could we not have kept the information with us? Then if treason would have happened or our information would have gone to foreign countries then our own people would have been responsible for it or we could have placed a technical guard on it. But we knowingly gave all this information into the hands of foreigners. Something even more humorous than this. Before becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has already publically said that if he comes to be in the Government then he will not agree to the Aadhar card. The Bharatiya Janata Party has said on record that if it comes to power then it will ban the Aadhar card. But suddenly a meeting of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley takes place with Nandan Nilekani. Talks take place for about one hour in a closed room and Shri Arun Jaitley and the Government of India get down to implementing the Aadhar card more strictly than the Congress. Neither the Bharatiya Janata Party adheres to its old promise and nor does Shri Narendra Modi adhere to his old promise.
Finally, let me tell you that when Hitler killed and murdered Jews, the names and addresses of all the Jews were provided to him by the American company IBM. In Germany, IBM had made identity cards like the Aadhar card. Now whether or not to call our innocent and intelligent MPs traitors I can’t quite understand, but they are ignorant, that is apparent even at first glance. Because when the entire information about the country has been sent to foreign countries, they are professing ignorance or are silent. Now all these MPs have been told to get their Aadhar cards made immediately. And all the MPs will get them made, because when information about the country has gone outside, then information about these newly elected MPs has to also go to foreign countries.


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