Our Hospital Needs So Many Things : An Insurance Policy Called ‘Charity’

We forgive those who are bad because we believe that they will be punished in their next lives. We believe in reincarnation but we do little to ensure that we will have better lives next time. We believe in charity  and yet we do almost none…

an-insurance-policy-calledIndia is wonderful in its own way. We say namaskar to businessmen but we touch the feet of dancers, singers and writers. We look enviously at those who wear a lot of expensive clothes but we touch with love the feet of those who wear almost none. A meeting called by a person to teach you on how to be a successful entrepreneur will attract fifty people ; a meeting called by a person to teach you to live life by not wanting anything will attract thousands. We forgive the bad because we believe that they will be punished in their next lives. We believe in reincarnation but we do little to ensure that we will have better lives next time. We believe in charity and yet we do almost none.
I am talking about charity: it has obsessed me for a long time and keeps coming into focus at my flagship animal shelter of over three decades, the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. We are a long way from ideal status as all the facilities have to be almost doubled constantly. The police and the wildlife department, the municipal corporation – all continue to dump animals on us every hour of the day. But we do not get a single rupee from the Government to look after them, Apart from that we have 24 hour ambulances that respond to 50 calls a day for free rescues. We have an OPD that caters to, on a average, 150 people’s animals a day. We have any number of pedigreed animals being dumped on us.
My hospital constantly needs so many things: tiles, bricks , cement, a small van to pick up puppies, a new generator. It runs purely on donations and once we posted a loss of Rs 2 lakh which always frightens me( The police dumped 35 camels on us that were going for slaughter. These camels were very sick and their feed alone came to Rs 67,000 per week) . I needed to make a lot of capital investment in the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre – ten rooms more for sheep, camels, doctors, staff , a new kitchen, 100 new kennels and a lot of repairs. Every morning, we would make a list of companies and then I called them to see if they will donate something we need. Sometimes I had to go through a long monologue which bothered me and then was asked to call again as the person could take the decision. That embarrassed me. Sometimes, the person surprised me. Once, I rang up a company to ask for a washing machine and the CEO said yes, even before I finished my speech. I was thrilled !! He turned out to be Shri Jyoti Basu’s grandson.
Another time I called someone to ask for an OT light and since he seemed very gruff I trailed off by saying…. if it is possible. He answered “Nothing is impossible. The word itself means I am possible so you will have your light”. I was so joyous ! A company head has not even talked to me but has simply responded to an email and promised a cleaning machine. Bless him !! On the other hand, a club that donated 7 street lights made me come to meet them twice on Sundays ( my writing day), for 5 hours each, took one million photographs with each member’s family and then I had to pursue them for two months to install the lights. Not good. There were two people who hounded me on a weekly basis saying that they will leave the money to animals in their wills – and they has a lot of it. But they refused to give any right then – and I am sure I am going to die before them !
I give as much as I can away because it makes good sense for my health, economically and karmically. For me , everything that is given away is like being put into a bank for me alone. This business of giving and taking for me is like being in a river. The river carries on flowing . I am simply bathing in the flow and enjoying the rush of water. I am always surprised by revelations of people who make thousands of crores through bribes and open loot. Where, how and when will they use it ? Madhu Koda and his gang looted Jharkhand’s poor people and sent the money to a lawless African country called Liberia. Will they ever see it again? Is their quality of life better? Are they happier?
If the purpose of life is pleasure – and I am a firm believer in this – then the quickest way to get that rush of happiness is not to buy something but to give something away (or , in my experience, to plant something in the ground ). Charity makes you feel good. The giver is always indebted to the person he gives to because of that amazing flush of happiness that comes for a little while. You feel that you are of some worth in the world, that you have done your duty and that you have a little value in the grand scheme of things. The Japanese have a saying that when you save someone’s life, you owe them forever. That’s how I feel. In fact instead of feeling superior, you should thank the people that you have been allowed by the universal energy to give something to.
The laws of nature are constructed for your survival and for your emotional and spiritual advancement. Helping those in need is self defence because you will be helped when you are in need. If you believe in another life then any thing that makes another life feel better is acquiring Good Karma. And , if you believe the Gurus, you can trade that in for a good reincarnational slot on Earth.
Find a place in your city that needs your charity. Start with feeding the birds. Every week give a donation to an animal shelter, a children’s orphanage and a charitable hospital. Put a tap outside your house for water. I read about someone who gives away 31 things from her house every month. Choose a weird number and stick to it so that it becomes an adventure. And remember to give nice things: A biscuit to the dog is not charity. Charity is the biscuit shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.
Yogiraj M says iin his book: “When you serve a less fortunate person in any way — material or spiritual — you are not doing him or her a favor. In fact, the one who receives your help does you a favor by accepting what you give, and thereby helps you to evolve and move closer to the divine, blissful being, who in reality is within all. ”
“Many, many births both you and I have passed. I can remember all of them, but you cannot!” says Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad-Gita. “ My life is a result of what I have done in all my previous lives”. I am bound to fulfil a certain role in this life and I can only act within it to a limited degree. But within that parameter can I change my luck ? Our holy ones say that it is possible to change one’s fate though charity and meditation/prayer. Helping animals who cannot complain about their suffering or do
anything for you in return would be the ultimate karma creation. So, in a way, if you like being selfish – charity is the ultimate shopping experience ! Here is nature’s law: You can buy your next life ( or even this life’s coming years) insurance policy by giving as much as you can in this life. If you keep the river flowing, you will ensure that you get to drink from it as well.


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