OpenMix is the world’s smallest audio mixer

open-mix-is-the-worlds-smalIf you’re quite the socialite, then you likely enjoy having gatherings at your home. People mingling and mixing all over the place need a bit of ambiance to really get into the party spirit, and music plays a big part in that. No one wants their conversations to be overheard because there’s not enough background noise, but you also don’t want to play tunes that will put everyone to sleep. If you can’t afford getting a DJ for every party, then you’ve likely looked into some equipment, or apps on your phone that will transition from song to song more fluidly than just filtering through your playlist. If you never know when a party will strike or don’t want to deal with an app, then you might like the OpenMix. This is the world’s smallest audio mixer, and while it’s not a full-scale setup, it will work for low-key social situations. Through this little device, you’ll be able to hook up two audio sources, plug it into a sound system, and can share your jams with the masses. There’s a mini crossfader that will let you change back and forth between two tracks smoothly. There’s also an input port so you can add in sound effects of your own. Obviously you’ll want to practice a bit with this device before trying to show off in front of all of your friends, otherwise the party could end a bit earlier than you were expecting.
Price: Rs 2400.


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