NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5

nuu-minikey-for-iphone-5Ever since Apple rolled out the first generation iPhone back in 2007, the world has more or less had to get used to typing on a virtual keyboard where their smartphones are concerned. Not only that, we have also seen the decline of the QWERTY keyboard on such devices that come in a slide-out design, or are part of the physical make up right from the get go. Thing is, typing on a virtual keyboard is not the easiest thing to do especially when you are busy working out of the office and need to get that 20-page report out as soon as possible. Sure, there are other accessories out there that can help you apart from software such as Swype on the Android platform to make life a whole lot easier, and here is another option that you might just want to consider – the NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5. NUU is one of the more notable mobile accessories manufacturers who want to improve the functionality of mobile devices through their collection of innovative products, and has just unveiled the MiniKey for iPhone 5
recently. The NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5 is actually a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard case which is said to be able to enhance productivity for iPhone power users.
Key Features

  1.     Backlit keyboard
  2.     Raised frame
  3.     Ergonomic buttons
  4.     Quick charge ability
  5.     Bluetooth connectivity
  6.     Special function keys
  7.     The price of the product is  Rs 3000.

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