New Battle Fronts Emerge in Bihar

It is very curious that in Bihar, leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party attack Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav, but don’t take a stand against the Manjhi Government. It is also now public knowledge that relations between many Ministers and leaders of the JD(U) and the BJP are becoming sweeter and sweeter. In politics nothing is spontaneous – there is always a  motive  hidden behind it. Once again, isn’t it very curious that many leaders of the JD (U) are now going ‘wow’ over the name of Narendra Modi – the same name over which Nitish Kumar broke a key alliance? There is a lot of time till the assembly elections of Bihar, but the political temperature in the State has heated up already. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav are preparing to defeat the BJP through the Janata Parivar and the ‘great-alliance’ as they did  in the by-elections. And the Bharatiya Janata Party is creating a trap to break the parties of Lalu and Nitish in Bihar…

lead-131The resounding victory of the BJP in the Jharkhand assembly elections has laid down a new playing board for politics in Bihar. While the blueprint of this game was drawn soon after Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, a wait was on for the Jharkhand election result. Soon after the result, the political temperature of the State was certain to rise, and so it happened. Round of meetings are on behind closed doors and the most restlessness is being seen on the BJP’s side. To achieve its Mission 175 plus, the BJP has unleashed its horses in all directions. From strengthening the organisation to the work of priming booth level preparations – all this is already being done. A series of worker meetings and small rallies were also scheduled to start from the second week of January. In the third week of January, Amit Shah was scheduled to come to Bihar to review preparations. 37 rallies of Amit Shah are going to be held in Bihar. Usually, all parties do this, but for Bihar the strategy of the BJP is somewhat different.
A special team of the Bharatiya Janata Party is busy completing another important mission. The responsibility of this team is to ‘break’ the leaders of stature in Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal United. The surprising thing is that rebel MLAs of the JD (U) are helping the BJP in this. In a secret manner attempts are being made to bring leaders with a big mass base on its side. In this Mission, full attention is also being paid to caste equations. The motive of the Mission is that through ‘saam-daam-dand-bhed’ (the four methods of dealing with people in general and enemies in particular as specified in the indian diplomatic tradition. Actually, there are four ways of making someone to do a task, stated as ‘Saam, Daam, Dand abd Bhed’. This sutra by Acharya Chanakya is used worldwide. ), the Janata Dal (U) should be broken and a message given to people that in the ruling camp there is a lot of hustle-bustle because the BJP is going to form the next Government.
One of the motives of the Mission is to give out a message to leaders in two minds between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ that there is a strong possibility of victory for the BJP, so waiting would not be a smart idea or move. Join us, and lay the foundation of a strong Government in Bihar. From the side of the BJP, there is also an indication to its alliance partners that they can include in their camp those who for some reason find difficulty in joining the BJP. It is on this line that the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party’s (RLSP’s) homework is on. If informed sources are to be believed, then the BJP has started the work of taking at least half a dozen JD (U) Ministers into confidence. It is being said that these leaders of the JD(U) feel that the way the results have gone in Jharkhand, nothing different from that is going to happen in Bihar. Everybody is accepting that after the resignation of Nitish Kumar, the clout of the Bihar Government has reduced. And the truth is that Nitish Kumar’s condition is like that of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. People feel that Nitish Kumar, to save his credibility, has put the State at stake. People were happy with Nitish Kumar’s rule. Positive changes were taking place. Nitish Kumar had been completely successful in ending people’s despair.
If today he would have been the Chief Minister, then his situation would have been much better and he alone by himself would have been in a situation to give a fight to the BJP. But Jitan Ram Manjhi has changed the whole situation. Manjhi’s Government is a lax Government. Due to his controversial statements, Jitan Ram Manjhi has intentionally or unintentionally angered the backward castes. Apart from this a lot of leaders of the Dalits and backward castes feel that they would have proved to be much better as Chief Minister than Jitan Ram Manjhi. By making Manjhi the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar has placed a bet on the wrong horse. The situation now is that if the BJP wins in Delhi in the assembly elections, then in Bihar its confidence will be on cloud seven. And if in Delhi the BJP loses, then Bihar’s election can prove to be a Waterloo for it.
It is said that Nitish Kumar himself feels that some lapses have occurred. The two centers of power which was being talked about earlier in hushed tones are now being spoken about openly. This is the reason that inside the JD(U) too there is different-different mobilisation. These are conditions which in the coming elections will reduce the possibility of victory for JD(U) leaders. In an election year, this kind of atmosphere inside the party has made many big leaders of the JD(U) restless. This problem is there already, but the real trouble is going to come after ‘Kharmas’ ( inauspicious period from December 16, 2014 to January 14, 2015). There is talk that after the ‘Kharmas’, the JD(U) and the RJD may merge. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav, both are busy in drawing this line. If this dream of both these leaders comes true, then for some leaders of both the JD(U) and RJD the days ahead are certain to get soured. In the current assembly, 70 MLAs of JD(U) are such who in a one to one fight have been elected after defeating RJD candidates. Meaning that at least on these 70 seats, two candidates will be strong contenders for ticket. That is why it is certain that good days are going to end for these 70 leaders. Out of them some may be of the JD(U) and some of the RJD. In these 70 leaders, some Ministers of the JD(U) are also included.
Sources reveal that some leaders of the JD(U) are unable to digest that they will once again will have to work with Lalu Prasad Yadav. Such leaders had reached the assembly calling Lalu Prasad ‘the king of jungle rule’. They feel that sharing the stage with Lalu Prasad can prove to be self-destructive for them. How to reach the assembly in 2015 is the worry eating them. Such conditions have given a chance to the BJP itself to create a debacle in the ruling party in Bihar. Jharkhand’s election results have boosted the morale of the BJP considerably. They have started feeling that Narendra Modi’s magic will top the minds of people of Bihar and it is this very thing they are emphasising to the big leaders of the JD(U) too. Shakuni Chaudhary,

upset with Nitish Kumar, is openly building bridges with Narendra Modi’s praises, saying that there certainly is something in Narendra Modi. After the Jharkhand results, Shakuni Chaudhary’s confidence in Narendra Modi has increased even more. He refrains from saying anything about his own future in politics, but when it comes to Narendra Modi, he does not hold back on praises.
It is notable that his son Samrat Chaudhary is at this time a Minister in the Jeetan Ram Manjhi Government. Samrat Chaudhary is considered a close aide of both Nitish Kumar and Jeetan Ram Manjhi. Samrat Chaudhary is considered a Minister who works. He has proved this with some of his decisions. In such a scenario, if Modi’s magic continues on his father Shakuni Chaudhary, then for Samrat Chaudhary it can become a dilemma. However, Samrat Chaudhary again and again says that he is 100 per cent with Nitish Kumar and Jeetan Ram Manjhi. If sources are to be believed, then the NDA’s, especially the BJP’s eyes are on many big leaders of the JD(U), along with Minister Ramai Ram, Narendra Singh,Vinay Bihari, Shahi Ali Khan, Vrishin Patel and Manoj Singh Kushwaha. The BJP is even trying to woo Jeetan Ram Manjhi. Many big leaders of the BJP have given statements in the media in this regard.
The BJP wants that an option be given to big leaders in the JD(U) who are caught in a dilemma or a double bind. If they come before the elections, then it will be very good and if due to some reason they are not able to come, then at least the satisfaction will be there that attempts were made. If after the elections due to some reason the help of these leaders is required, then at least it will be easier to initiate talks. But the BJP feels that its attempts will not go waste because the influence of Modi’s magic is going to increase in Bihar and be it any leader, if he or she wants to be sure of a win in the elections, at this time the BJP cannot be ignored. Let us now come to another interesting personality from Bihar – Pappu Yadav.

Pappu Yadav – a hero or a villain?
Pappu Yadav is a name regarding which there have always been different perceptions in society. During the Mandal campaign, he was a hero of one section, a villain of another section. When that era ended, then Pappu went behind bars. Because of this there was almost a full stop to his political activities. In 1994 he formed a non-political organisation – Yuva Shakti – which made society aware of Pappu Yadav’s sentiments. Pappu Yadav came out of jail and in the Lok Sabha elections not only did he himself win, his wife also became an MP from Supaul. This couple’s victory despite the Modi wave surprised political pundits. In a wave in which big veterans lost, Pappu Yadav presented an unmatched example of his political skills and election management and registered a victory. This has raised his stature considerably. Pappu Yadav is now going around the whole of Bihar. Although issues like corruption, broker culture, unreined bureaucracy, a small State and poor health services are on Pappu Yadav’s agenda, these days he is running quite an aggressive campaign against the private practice of doctors. After January 14 Pappu Yadav is going to conduct 2 meetings in every district. After that, he plans to hold a big rally in Patna.
The irony is that in all these campaigns Pappu Yadav is not getting the support of his party — the RJD. On this question Pappu Yadav says that we are moving forward with the RJD ideology, now the party has to decide in which form it sees my campaigns. Lalu Yadav’s problem is that he knows that now amongst the youth there is no craze for him. His worry also is that now he can’t contest the elections, he cannot become the claimant for the Chief Minister’s post. Given these factors, the worry of taking forward his party is also there. He is promoting his son, but not much effect of this is being seen. On the other side, Pappu Yadav wants to emerge as the biggest leader of Yadav’s in Bihar and it is this that is a matter of concern for the RJD. Pappu Yadav also questions the Manjhi Government. He says that some of his Ministers patronise the broker culture. Pappu Yadav these days is also giving advice to Dalit victims of religious conversion. Pappu Yadav knows very well how to keep a step ahead politically.
After Lalu who is the leader of Yadavs? When this question comes up in discussion on street corners, then Pappu Yadav is seen much ahead of anyone else. Pappu Yadav is not leaving any stone unturned to become the leader of the almost 18 per cent Yadav population of Bihar. However, he says that I never do politics of caste, I always talk about community (jamat). But it is true that Pappu Yadav is now gradually becoming acceptable among the Yadavs. After Kosi, Seemanchal and Ang in Bihar, Pappu Yadav has now started stretching his legs in Mithilanchal. Coming from an Anand Margi background, Pappu Yadav like Anand Margi’s, is the ‘solicitor’ or champion of a small State.
In recent days when Pappu Yadav went to Bisfi, the birthplace of legendary Maithili poet Vidyapati, amongst Maithil Brahmins he gave a speech in their language and that made everyone happy. Maithils liked the speech of Pappu Yadav in Maithili and the politics of Mithila State has gained strength. Pappu Yadav says that the land of Kosi and Mithila, inspite of being fertile has always remained exploited and neglected. Hence for social, economic and educational development, he is a supporter of a Maithili State. Pappu says that after running a social awareness campaign through Yuva Shakti he is in a mood to do a big campaign in Bihar. Actually, Pappu Yadav is in discussions these days regarding his campaign. By taking direct action against doctors and by making the Yuva Shakti organisation, he is on the tips of people’s tongues. Not only his supporters but his opponents as well have started praising Pappu.
In Bihar the condition of basic amenities like education and health is very poor. To give the right direction to his campaign against doctors Pappu had fielded Yuva Shakti at the ground level. Pappu Yadav is now thinking of making his campaign more widespread and sharper. Now he will protest against not only doctors, but against private schools and Collector rule as well. He is preparing to fight a decisive battle against administrative insensitivity. After being acquitted in legislator Ajit Sarkar’s murder case in May 2013, Pappu has become very active. He has once again gotten busy in regaining his lost ground. The amusing thing is that inspite of being in different parties, husband-wife are working jointly on this campaign.
Pappu’s wife Ranjita Ranjan from Supaul is a Congress MP. Pappu Yadav won the elections this time by defeating JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav from his traditional seat Madhepura. Anyway the RJD leadership is restless at Pappu’s growing popularity. Pappu too is not hiding his political aspirations. After being praised by Lalu Yadav, Madhepura’s RJD MLA Professor Chandrashekhar and Supaul’s Yaduvansh have emerged as the biggest critics of Pappu Yadav. Both these RJD leaders are giving an open challenge to Pappu, while RJD’s State chief Dr. Ramchandra Purve has said openly that he will not let the RJD banner be used unauthorisedly. This is against the party. He said that Yuva Shakti is not a unit of RJD, it is a private organisation of Pappu Yadav. The RJD has got nothing to do with such organisations or its activities. After this Pappu Yadav immediately put a stop to his campaign and got busy in taking RJD Chief Lalu Yadav into confidence.
However, due to his campaign against doctors a section of his own caste has started resenting him and is biding its time. Pappu Yadav considers RJD Chief Lalu Yadav his undisputed leader. He says, we are fighting a battle for the rights of the poor and exploited. Yuva Shakti too is struggling for the downtrodden and backward people, but people who want to weaken the party, they are speaking against me and Yuva Shakti. He said that he will not pay much attention to such people and after consulting Lalu Yadav will expand his campaign.


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