Need of the Hour Action, Not Statements

The Prime Minister recently made a political statement after a long time. This should be noted. Though Parliament was not the right forum for such a statement, he has said that in his view the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) will not be able to come to power just like in 2004 and 2009 and the Congress will again come to power in 2014. He may be right in the first part that the BJP is not in a good shape and it is very simplistic in his view that by projecting a particular person or by trying to highlight the scams of this Government it is going to walk to power. He is right that this will not happen.  However, as the Prime Minister himself said, the more serious point is what is the Congress doing?  After all, after Independence we made efforts to make a new Constitution which we adopted on 26th January, 1950.  The values on which our Constitution was based and on which it was adopted,  are those values still valid? Does the Congress party still want to follow those values or does it want to throw all that behind? Suffice it to say that in no policy statement of the Government, whether the Budget or the Prime Minister’s statement or in any other policy statement, the poor and the landless have absolutely no place, they do not feature.  Who will be worried about them? Certainly not the BJP. The BJP is a party of merchants and traders.  It is the Congress party to which the people used to look forward  the minorities, the Dalits, the landless labourers, they all used to believe that the Congress party will do something for them. Unfortunately, after the 1991 reforms the Congress party itself also took a different route.  The Prime Minister himself is the architect of those reforms.  However, after becoming Prime Minster I am sure he has come to see that the problems of India are not going to be solved through simple economics. It is a far more complicated matter. The matrix of this country, that is, North India, South India and North-east India are totally different cups of tea. Unless, an application of the mind is made  the word inclusive is being used again and again by the Congress party. The policies of the Congress party are anything but inclusive.  They are exclusive to the elite.  I am happy that a Budget tax has been put on the rich, but it is too little too late. We need to overhaul radical policies if we are to go anywhere near what our freedom fighters dream or what the makers of our Republic put in the Constitution.  The Directive Principles of the State, the Directive Principles of Policy under the Constitution  are not being followed at all. Not one of the Directive Principles is being addressed.  Yes, the MNREGA scheme gives some employment to the poor but again the leakage in the system is so much that we do not even know how much money reaches the poor.  I think it is high time the Prime Minister is serious  if his is only a political statement to get back at the BJP,  I have nothing to say but if he is serious in applying  his mind, the country is facing the twin dangers of communalism on the one hand and rampant corruption on the other, we need a third alternative.  We cannot afford to fall between the two stools.  The Narendra Modi type of politics is no substitute, no alternative for this country. To that extent the Prime Minister is right. However, the way the governance of the Congress party is going is also not a substitute.  If all the money is frittered away by a few scamsters and before every Parliament session a new scam surfaces, that will not help the country in the long run.  Whoever comes to power in 2014, the problems of the country will remain the same and will have to be addressed by whoever comes to power.  I think the Prime Minister’s has an image and the first attempt should go further and give a policy framework to the country which should be followed by whoever comes to the power in 2014.


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