Narendra Modi, controversies and conspiracies have long been closely interlinked. But has the BJP too become a party of conspiracies? Here are startling new facts and fascinating insights into the entire Narendra Modi, BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh saga…

WEB-ENG-Web-Cover-At present the country is divided on the basis of who is supporting Modi and who is anti-Modi. Whichever people are with Modi are true nationalists and those who are not with him are not true nationalists  such an atmosphere is being created. Seeing this environment, one is reminded of a tale from the Panchtantra, in which a jackal paints himself and declares himself to be the king of the jungle and because of his disguise the lion and other animals are unable to recognise him. The jackal reigns over the jungle for a long time because of his disguise, but when a pack of jackals starts howling, the jackal in disguise cannot stop himself and he too starts howling. The lion is startled on seeing this and he kills the jackal and devours him. If this story is seen in today’s context, the message that comes across is that the people who call themselves great patriots of the country are actually tyrants in disguise. But we will talk about these things later, first let us talk about the youthful Modi.
In our country, a herd-mentality prevails. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) took up the propaganda that the aged should be removed and the reins for ruling should be given into the hands of the young/youth. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has neither the ability to analyse the situation nor the intelligence to learn from the past. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has not been able to understand that it is the experience and wisdom of the people whom it is calling useless because of their age, which is in fact their real strength. It is only after long years of hard work that a Lal Krishna Advani or a Murli Manohar Joshi is shaped – before whom there is the whole country, in which Hindus are there, Muslims are there, Dalits are there and so are people from all castes. Such people do not reject the truth; instead, they handle the language of truth graciously. The facial and body language of such people is not aggressive; instead they believe in moving ahead only by taking everyone along.
The youngest Prime Minister that the country has so far had was Rajiv Gandhi. Along with the Congress, the Sangh also lauded the fact that Rajiv Gandhi was young. Many people believe that he did a lot for the good of the country, but it is a strange irony that out of all the agreements that Rajiv Gandhi effected, none could reach its logical outcome be it the pact between Rajiv-Longowal or the pact with the Asom Gana Parishad.
Rajiv Gandhi’s haste broke the force named LTTE which his mother had created. On the other hand Prabhakaran’s men who were also our people  were killed and the ones who got killed on this side, they too were members of our army. The Kanyakumari segment of India was safe only because of Prabhakaran, as it was because of him that China was not being able to gain entry into Sri Lanka. Rajiv Gandhi’s decision gave China a place in Sri Lanka. One wall of our security fell because of this.
Had there been an older person, he would not have taken the hasty decision that Rajiv Gandhi took because of his youthful mentality. Against Advani and Joshi, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh gave Narendra Modi the benefit of being young. Narendra Modi has the same excitability and hastiness that Rajiv Gandi had. It is courtesy a marketing campaigning that Narendra Modi has created a myth that he is very successful in Gujarat and what he has done for Gujarat he will do for the whole country. The reality is there is only one stain on Modi and that too is of Gujarat.
Let us believe that Modi was not behind the Gujarat riots or that Modi had no hand in fuelling the riots. We can also accept that laying the blame for the riots only on his shoulders is an injustice to him, because riots occurred even during the Congress rule and today Akhilesh Yadav too finds himself surrounded by such allegations. If we take riots as the base, then there will be a polarisation of votes. So let us keep Modi and the riots separate and then talk about him, because if Narendra Modi’s strategy had been to just create riots, then they would have occurred in Gujarat even after 2002. Modi is vilified in the name of the riots, but what does Narendra Modi himself say? Modi projects himself as the person who has done the most development work in the country. Therefore, Modi should be assessed in terms of development, and not of riots.
In the 2014 elections, some people want to make the riots a parameter, but Modi himself wants to make development a parameter. There is therefore a need to examine and assess the claim that Modi is making. Gujarat was in the in the forefront of industrialisation of the country even as far back as the fifties. The country’s biggest company, Reliance, is in Gujarat. All the big refineries in India are in Gujarat. All the big power projects are in Gujarat. Gujarat is the only coast in India from where trading has been done since ancient times. Therefore it is but natural that Gujarat will have the most industrialisation . It is not so because of Narendra Modi. It is because of Gujarat’s traditional economic strength in relation to business and trading. If 1.5 crore people are coming and settling in Delhi, the credit will not go to Sheila Dixit, but the reason is that all the big offices are in Delhi. The entire country is run from Delhi so people will naturally come and settle here.
Even if Narendra Modi had not been the Chief Minister of Gujarat, even then Gujarat would have developed. The Reliance plant was set up before Modi came to power. In the beginning it had a capacity of one hundred and twenty million tonnes, and it still has a capacity of one hundred and twenty million

tonnes after Modi came to power. If Gujarat had witnessed actual progress, new ideas and innovations would have come into Gujarat. What is new that came in Narendra Modi’s rule? Tata’s ‘Nano’ made an appearance in Modi’s rule and turned out to be a flop. There was a new plant of Maruti Ltd. There were some power projects of the Adani group. Now let us assess these plants in depth. Narendra Modi gave a 12 per cent sales tax rebate to these power plants. Now, if we calculate this discount, the power plant works out to being set up for free.
For example, a plant set up with a capital of 10 crores has production worth 100 crores. If a rebate of 12 per cent sales tax is seen on this, the industrialist saves 12 crores. If a plant set up with a capital of 10 crores provides 12 crores as profit through the sales tax rebate, then who will not be eager to set up an industry, because the plant has come ‘for free’.
Out of all the announcements made by Narendra Modi during his tenure, how many were implemented? He announced recently that Sardar Patel’s statue will be erected which will be taller than the Statue of Liberty. Why didn’t he carry out this task in the past twelve years? Was there a shortage of iron in the country? Why did the talk of making Sardar Patel’s statue surface only during the time the 2014 elections are approaching? And it is that Sardar Patel who had banned the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. There should be an investigation into the cost at which Narendra Modi developed Gujarat and why he did not erect a statue of Sardar Patel 12 years earlier.
All this means clearly that industrialisation in Gujarat has been a natural process, and Modi is not behind it. The setting up of the new factories which he deems as his ‘progress’ came because there was land ‘for free’ and sales tax benefits. Wherever these facilities and benefits will be made available, industrialists will certainly flock there, because it is industrialists who are the ones grabbing land in the name of SEZ’s. The refineries that were set up before Narendra Modi’s coming cannot ‘get up’ and go elsewhere. Now, if there is a refinery, it will obviously provide employment to one lakh people. If the refineries will remain, the production of oil will increase, there will be per capita income, then what was Modi’s new feat in this?
But, yes, there is certainly a new ‘wonder’ of Narendra Modi. He broke down the structure of the Sangh in Gujarat, or in other words the flood waters ate up the field itself. Narendra Modi does not have just the allegations of the Ishrat Jehan case against him. If we look at the reports of the investigating agencies we are reminded of the Hiren Pandya murder case too. The CBI had submitted its final report saying that it could not find any clue about the case, but the case is being reopened at the behest of the Supreme Court. At the root of this is the Tulsi Prajapati case too, and now the truth is about to emerge that the officials involved in the Ishrat Jehan case, the same officials had taken the murderers of Hiren Pandya in their custody and had safely left them at the Nepal border. If even if one allegation is substantiated, it will be believed that Narendra Modi does not spare even his associates in his greed for power.Some newspapers have even expressed possibilities like a Prime Minister against whom there are allegations of murder.
Vanzara’s letter reveals that the conspiracy to kill people like Ishrat Jehan or Tulsi Prajapati was not his (Vanzara’s) but the State Government’s and by the State Government the reference is directly to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. So the question does arise : a policy made by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, why should only the officers following that policy be held responsible as the culprits? Those who made the policy should also be responsible as the culprits and if the Supreme Court accepts that the killings were wrong then the men who crafted the policy will also become a part of the conspiracy to kill.
The Supreme Court says that those who are in jail must not fight elections. This means that the DIG, IG, Home Secretary, Home Minister and the Chief Minister should give an affidavit that they will not fight the elections or the Supreme Court should decide that the Ishrat Jehan, Hiren Pandya and Tulsi Prajapati’s case must be decided by December, so that the blot of being likely conspirators in the killings can be removed on its own from the names of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
Asaram Bapu’s son Narayan Sai said that his father did not commit rape. The question that arises is, then what was Aasaram Bapu doing with a girl at night? In court, Asaram Bapu’s friend and a well known lawyer in the country argued in court that the girl had a ‘disease of sexual attraction’. Was this a befitting argument? This big lawyer is also an intimate friend of Narendra Modi. The decision to bring him to the Rajya Sabha was also because of Modi. It is a different matter to make a profession or business of law and quite another to actually use the law to help the cause of justice. Those who make a profession or business of law reach the zenith of devilry. This lawyer is a central part of Sahib Narendra Modi’s team and it is written in our ‘Shastras’ that a person is also known by the company he or she keeps.
There has been another miracle. Till date no one has asked Narendra Modi about his views regarding Article 370. No great journalist has even asked him his opinion about Ram Janambhoomi and the Babri Masjid. Modi is also silent on the Uniform Civil Code. Modi is silent on these matters because as soon as an opinion is given, either the Hindus or the Muslims will take umbrage. And if his reply is that he will respect the court’s decision, then he no longer remains the ‘king of hearts’ for hardline Hindus. Those journalists who thought it was their great style to ask these questions are sitting silently today. Actually, there is high tide in the ocean right now and if there is a high tide a low tide is sure to follow.
The Indian media remains in search of a ‘pappu’ and right now Narendra Modi is that ‘pappu’. When a person becomes a ‘pappu’, then he gives money to remain a ‘pappu’ and the opponent standing against him gives money to make the ‘pappu’ a ‘dabbu’. The media is playing this very game. It is also essential to know how much truth there is in Narendra Modi’s claims. There is only one thing which one cannot understand: if he is such a good administrator then why are there allegations of killings made against him? If he is a good administrator why is he giving away land for free?
One dimension of truth is also that no law in this world is ever made for anyone’s benefit. Those people who are powerful make the laws for their own benefit and in the process, whoever has to gain, let it be so. Some people do gain. For example, it was decided to legalise some colonies in Delhi. This decision was not made keeping in mind the ‘jhuggi-jhonpri’ (slum) dwellers. It was made so that the Congress would win but the ‘jhuggi-jhonpri’ people benefited in the process.
Modi was in a great hurry, he publicised in the entire country that Gujarat was a progressive State and he was a good administrator. He took the services of many big companies in this task. He had it publicised in the media, on which a lot of money was spent on TV channels. No one asked where so much money was coming from. This money is being spent by the Ambanis, the Adanis and the Ruias or the money is being illegally siphoned off from the State’s development plans. There was a big rally of Modi in Rewari. Crores of rupees were spent in this rally. Where did this money come from? A friend from the BJP told me that if someone promises to get one lakh people at the rally, then a team from Gujarat can pay at the rate of a thousand rupees for each person.
Modi did not become the Prime Ministerial candidate because of any pressure from party workers, neither did the party make him their candidate enthusiastically. Nor is it a result of any conspiracy, and neither did the rich want him to be a Prime Ministerial candidate. The circumstances just got created. On the one hand was the money being spent blindly on the media and the media did not raise any questions about the source of the money. If Anna Hazare moves among the people, the question is immediately raised: who is getting the petrol put in his car? To top this, the claim is that Modi is an honest person. Perhaps the definition of honesty has changed. Gulzari Lal Nanda was the Prime Minister of this country but Modi does not remember.
Gulzari Lal Nandaji was extremely honest. The second example is that of Lal Bahadur Shastri, who owed money to banks at the time of his death. Now it is a question of deciding whether we should associate the word honesty with Narendra Modi or with Gulzari Lal Nanda and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The question also arises: who is the person or persons who are spending so much on Modi?
The BJP had seen the outcome of making Lal Krishna Advani their Prime Ministerial candidate : there had been a decrease in their seats. This time they had only two faces before them. Sushma Swaraj amongst the women and Narendra Modi amongst the men. Sushma Swaraj did not have the money. Did not have the power and strength to create the hype. She only had her voice. On the other side, Narendra Modi had everything. Arun Jaitley and Uma Bharti do not fall into any category. That is why Narendra Modi emerged as the candidate. The Sangh wanted to be rid of Narendra Modi. Because the Sangh had seen its operational apparatus being torn to shreds in Gujarat by Modi. Narendra Modi is entirely a product of circumstances. Narendra Modi can be called a ‘natural’ candidate, but he is not a ‘natural’ candidate.
In the Sangh, all the people who control the Sangh, all of them are younger in age than Advaniji. Neither could they say anything to Advaniji, nor could they talk to him in a raised voice. They wanted to get rid of the hype attached to Advaniji’s name. Those people also wanted to be rid of all the complex controversies attached to Advani’s name. For this, they saw Narendra Modi as the most suitable character. It can be said that between Sushma Swaraj and Modi, Modi had the money and the cunningness to use the media. The BJP was searching for a face, so that it did not get lesser seats than in Advani’s time. The Sangh not only wanted to be rid of Advani but also wanted to create a controversy in the country because it believed in the adage ‘so what if you become infamous, you will still earn a name’.
I spoke to a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who sees a very big drawback in this strategy. He says that if Modi’s name had been announced only two months before the Lok Sabha elections to be held in April, then the Janata Dal would not have distanced itself from them. By that time, concrete talks could have been finalised with Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalitha as well. Till then they could have given the impression of Advaniji being their Prime Ministerial candidate. Now Jayalalitha has said that she will think about an alliance only after the elections. Karunanidhi has refused to meet Modi. Mamata Banerjee does not want to hear Modi’s name and Nitish Kumar separated himself much earlier. Not only this, the Government would not have been lost in Bihar. If they had not lost the Government in Bihar, its effect would have been felt on Delhi. In such a situation the BJP would have got all the votes in Bihar and ‘Purvaanchal’, so in Delhi the BJP would have formed the Government with a majority.
In Rajasthan, the JDU has a presence. It would have allied itself with the BJP and a Government could have been formed easily by them. On today’s date, Vasundhara Raje Scindia and Ashok Gehlot are standing at an equal level. The States would have gone to the polls and Modi would not have been tested. Modi had gone to Karnataka as a possible but unannounced Prime Ministerial candidate. The BJP not only lost badly, but even lost the by-election. If the announcement had been made suddenly, even the Congress would have got into difficulties and if the same hype would have been created which has been created today, Modi could have got 370 seats. If some political mind had taken the decision, it would have taken this decision. But because this decision was situational, these things were just not taken into consideration. Let us suppose the BJP is trounced in the upcoming four Assembly elections, then what will happen? Till the results are out, nothing can be said. What will happen to brand Modi then? The last Lok Sabha elections are an example of this. No one believed that the Congress would go over 110 or 112 seats but it got 200.
There are many conspiracies in the BJP today. Two hours later, Nitin Gadkari was to get a second term as the party President. An income tax officer went to have tea with Nitin Gadkari and he was actually about to give him a notice. He started having his tea and suddenly there was a news flash on all TV news channels that there had been a raid at Gadkari’s house. Who was the BJP leader who was in contact with the Finance Minister and who was in contact with the news channels that everywhere, the moment the tea drinking began, the news started appearing that there was a raid at Gadkari’s house? What was Advani’s crime that people involved in the conspiracy managed to get Mohan Bhagwat to give a statement to the effect that he did not want anyone from D4 to be at the post of party President D4 meaning the associates of Advaniji. The media of this country has never been seen to be so swift that an income tax official goes to meet someone for tea and they immediately get the news.
Has the BJP become a party of conspirators? It seems that in this party conspiracies are being executed beautifully. In Narendra Modi’s State, there is a compulsion upon entrepreneurs like Ambani, Ruia, Adani and Tata to go along with Modi. According to people who are aware of the science of the human body, the person who walks with jumps-jumps makes progress in the way he or she has planned and by a coincidence, Narendra Modi’s gait is a jump-jump gait. Narendra Modi has proved this theory to be true. He started at the lowest rung of the political ladder and today he has reached the topmost rung. Narendra Modi’s intellect and his strategy needs to be praised unconditionally.
Treason is not just giving out the secrets of the country to enemy countries. An attack on the democratic existence of a country also amounts to treason. And if we try to spread communalism in the Indian army that is nothing short of treason. If there is no plan to drown 20 crore Indians in the Arabian Sea or if there is no plan in mind to commit genocide on 20 crore people, then there should be talk about taking along and living with 20 crore people and talk about development, which till date, has not come before one. Therefore, the people who shout ‘love for the country-love for the country’ too much are actually the ones who allude to ‘love for the country’ to hide their treasonous tendency. The answer to the big question is still in the womb of the future. If Narendra Modi wins even 160-180 or even 200 seats, then where will the remaining 73 seats come from and then the BJP and the Sangh will have to knock at the door of Lal Krishna Advani. He is the only leader right now in the BJP who has contact with most of the political parties and this is Lal Krishna Advani’s strength.


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