Narendra Modi Fallout : Bihar BJP Chief Calls Advani ‘Dead Politician’

bihar-bjp-cheif-calls-advanRecently, as the buzz around Narendra Modi‘s impending christening as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate grew louder, the rifts within the party becoming increasingly evident. Though the RSS had made more than clear its inclination to make the announcement urgently, party patriarch LK Advani had refused to budge. His coterie of followers too had remained unwilling to openly support the Gujarat CM.
There is little doubt that Advani has placed himself between Modi and his PM ambitions, but not much is still known about the exact fault lines within the party, though it is now known, after the announcement of Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, that the cracks have been papered over. In public, BJP President Rajnath Singh had batted away questions regarding Modi and had even gone to the extent of saying that the PM candidate would be announced shortly before the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.
Even after Advani stepped down from the BJP’s working committee making no effort to hide his displeasure at Modi’s elevation as the campaign chief, all that senior leaders including Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj could do was hail Advani’s position and his importance to the party, in public at least. However, the threshold of patience has possibly been breached now with the first-ever public questions being raised by party members about the senior BJP leader’s personal ambitions. No doubts whatsoever were left about this after L.K. Advani’s reaction to Modi’s nomination. However, the first spillover had come from the Bihar BJP chief, Sushil Kumar Modi, who had lashed out at the senior leader by questioning if his personal ambitions have driven him against Narendra Modi. He had hit out at Advani on Twitter by saying:
“Politics is the only profession in which people aspire till their last. Ministerial berth can resurrect a dead politician?”
While Sushil Kumar Modi might not have a great amount of clout in the BJP’s national executive, his outpouring is representative of the sentiments of a section of the party surely. The fact that he even chose to make his feelings public against one of the tallest leaders in the party points towards BJP’s growing impatience with Advani and the latter’s growing irrelevance in the new scheme of things.
In fact, the audacity with which Modi called Advani a ‘dead politician’ in a public domain was a clear hint at how the BJP was ready to leave Advani out in the cold and move on with their plans hinged on Narendra Modi. Sushil Modi went on to admonish Advani and say that the senior leader should have himself come forward and anointed Narendra Modi.
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