Naked Personal Gain Sapping India

Now charges and counter charges are being freely exchanged between the Congress and the BJP and all and sundry are commenting on it. There must be stock taking of what exactly the matter is. First of all we had the CAG report which was directly mentioning irregularities and illegalities committed by the Central Government by flouting accepted norms and procedures and thereby giving benefit to private individuals and corporate bodies. That is of course a serious matter. And the loss to be expected here runs in to lakhs of crores of rupees as the CAG has pointed out. 2G was taken notice of by the Supreme Court but Coalgate is yet to get the attention of the Supreme Court and obviously coal blocks will be cancelled only when the Supreme Court intervenes. The earlier the Supreme Court takes cognisance of it, the better it is for the country.
After that, Arvind Kejriwal has come out with serious allegations against the first family’s son-in-law, which again is a serious matter because the figures involved are huge and there is a direct link with one particular corporate body in the real estate sector. Strangely enough after a few reports in papers, this matter appears to have faded away. Even Kejriwal has stopped talking about it. Why? It is a mystery. Has Kejriwal now realised that his facts were wrong or has he been scared off or he perceives that the Congress people will resign — one is perplexed because the matter is far too serious and the figures are too large and we should not let the matter rest.
Pity is this that now petty matters are coming to the surface. What Kejriwal is pursuing is a 72 lakh NGO irregularity and for that he has gone to Farrukhabad. He is wasting his energy. This country has got thousands of NGOs and all of them do not run very efficiently. Salman Khurshid’s NGO may be one of them but this is hardly a matter of political corruption or irregularity at the Central Government level. There is machinery in place to inspect NGOs and take action against them. Certainly it does not deserve the attention of any major political party, least of all of Arvind Kejriwal, who has come out very bravely to clear up the Augean stable of corruption in this country.
When there are charges against Nitin Gadkari, they are laughable. They are laughable because Gadkari comes out as a petty business man from Bombay who has taken the help of some dubious chartered accountants to turn black money into white, this is all that he has done. It immediately disqualifies him from becoming the BJP President. Why the RSS and BJP cannot see this and remove him is again a mystery. Either the RSS does not want to displace the Congress with the BJP in the next election and therefore they want to keep Gadkari in the chair. It is obvious to any person that with Gadkari as the leader of the party, the party is nowhere.
Then Dr. Subramanium Swamy has come out with a very informative fact of Rahul Gandhi taking over the property of the National Herald newspaper. It is a transparent case of enriching oneself by taking a 90 crore liability, a liability towards the AICC which is hardly a liability. The property at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg was of hundreds of crores of rupees and passes on into the hands of Rahul Gandhi. Now here again Government money is not involved. It may be very indirectly because originally the plot was given for newspaper work. But the National Herald has always been Nehru family property. It again shows that people who are aspiring for high positions are indulging in small things. It is not good. People who want to lead the country, people who want to have a vision for future of the country should resist this temptation of falling for small corporate gains, even if they are small or run into few crores or even hundred crores.
Till Indira Gandhi, we never thought any Prime Minister could even think in these terms. People who are against the Congress have been saying that Indira Gandhi started all this corruption. While it is true that expenditure increased at that time but nobody has accused Indira Gandhi of making money for herself. Whatever corruption was there, money was collected for the party and spent on the party, which again may be a debatable question, that a candidate spends so much money, but that was pure politics, but now it is naked personal gain. Everybody is trying to use and misuse his position to line his own pockets. Once again, if Manmohan Singh is serious about what he has been saying to complete the agenda of UPA-2, he must institute an enquiry wherever there is public loss or wherever national leaders are trying to line their own pockets. The confidence of the country will get sapped. Democracy will be in danger and there has to be a stop somewhere to these kind of things.


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