MSI delivers new GT Dominator gaming laptop

msi-delivers-new-GT-domintoI am quite sure that all of us have heard of MSI Computer Corp. before, where they happen to be a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, having announced their latest and of course, devastatingly powerful GT Dominator and performance driven GE Apache gaming notebooks. The GT Dominator powerhouse notebooks will arrive armed with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M and 880M GPUs just so you know what you are getting into by picking either model up. The new MSI GT Dominator and GE Apache lineups will now arrive with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M Series Graphics, a 4th Gen Intel Cor i7 processor, Killer Gaming Networking, SteelSeries gaming backlit keyboard with customization engine, Sound Blaster Cinema, Dynaudio Technology and XSplit Gamecaster. You will be able to choose from 17” and 16” models, where both the GT Dominator and GE Apache deliver to professional and amateur gamers an unmatched mobile gaming performance. It is said that the NVIDIA GTX 800M Series Graphic cards happen to be up to 50 per cent faster compared to its predecessors, not to mention being more energy efficient thanks to their GeForce Battery Boost technology. In order to create the ultimate multimedia experience, MSI would also throw in Sound Blaster Cinema, Dynaudio Speakers and MSI’s Audio Boost technology. Regardless of which particular model you pick up, they are able to output to 4K displays, hooking up to multiple independent monitors simultaneously thanks to the Matrix Multi-Monitor Display. Apart from that, MSI also makes live streaming and video uploading a snap thanks to the incorporation of XSplit Gamescaster, which happens to be a software which will automatically detect the best streaming settings for the notebook and internet service provider, doing away with the need for settings adjustment.
Starting price: MSI’s GT Dominator and GE Apache  from Rs 91500 and Rs 79300 respectively.


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