Most Urgent : Positive Relief to People

The 2G spectrum  auction has taken place again as per Supreme Court orders. As usual, the Government has come out with some phony explanation that the earlier auction yielded better rates and therefore the CAG’s estimates of loss were wrong. I don’t know what the intention of the Government is and what these great practitioners — the concerned Ministers want to prove.    Do they want to legitimise the loot that they have done in 2008 or 2009, whenever it was. Do they want to just prove that Constitutional institutions like the CAG, Election Commission etc., are all bunk and the Congress party is the supremo which  knows everything ? It is absurd to say that there was no loss in the earlier auction. Market conditions differ from time to time. For instance, if the Government would have disinvested  shares in a PSU at that time at less than the market value, the Supreme Court would have found it wrong. Today the market is down, the yield will be much less. The Government is not a Baniya shop. It is a Constitutional Government. It should run in a Constitutional way. There is a social contract with the people which is given in the Directive Principles of the State Constitution. The Government, for the time period of five years for which they are elected, are the trustee of the people.  It is their duty to see that public affairs are conducted in an honest and transparent way. They have clearly failed to do this. Not only that, as somebody said, the blatant and brazen loot which this Government has done has never been done in Indian history before. To find fault with the CAG is like shooting the messenger. The Congress can know no better than that because they have deliberately chosen to loot. It is because these matters like 2G spectrum and  coal  are  not something which the common man understands, unlike LPG prices  or diesel prices, the Government takes advantage and obfuscates the facts under technical jargon.  But the fact remains that 2G spectrum is one of the biggest scandals in Independent India and the coal allocation merely because later on you can’t get the same price. That does not justify what you have done earlier. After a few years again, the price can go up. Prices go up and down as per the market condition. But this cannot be used by the Government to cover up its deliberate mismanagement of the economy. Moreover, the country’s main problems are not being addressed. I don’t know how far this Government will last. A few months or the full remaining term of one and half years. But the fact remains that the people are suffering under tremendous price increase. The Reserve Bank refuses to bring the interest rate down, rightly so from the Inflation point of view. The corporate sector has got its own interest and goes on pressurising the Finance Minister. But the fact remains that there is urgency to bring some relief to the common man. How it is to be done is for the Government to work out. Instead of forming Committees on different matters, there should be an ‘Urgent’ Committee on how to control the price situation. There should be an Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) headed by the Finance Minister or by the Prime Minister himself to attack this problem so that in the next three to six months there should be some positive relief to the people. This is urgent.


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