Monster DNA Pro wireless headphones are set to tingle your ears

monster-dna-pro-wirless-heaNot all headphones are created equal, this much I believe in. When it comes to Monster, their wealth of experiencing when it comes to high performance personal audio products will certainly show in their future devices, and for now, the introduction of the brand new Monster DNA Pro is testament to the company’s pedigree. This latest addition to the DNA range would bring along with it the distinctive triangular shaped ear cups and Monster’s next generation sound Pure Monster Sound, where the latter would introduce noise isolation technology to the mix. Even better news is this – the DNA PRO will not require any kind of batteries or recharging to work, it just does when plugged in to a compatible audio playback device.Right now, we do know that the Monster DNA Pro will arrive as a Best Buy exclusive, where you will be able to choose from a couple of colors – namely White Tuxedo and Matte Black. Regardless of which color you pick up, you will have to fork out a rather hefty price for a pair, but bear in mind that this is Monster that we are talking about, and their products rarely fall on the cheap side of things.
The Monster DNA Pro has been designed by Head Monster Noel Lee, where Pure Monster Sound within it would also make use of Monster’s latest proprietary technologies so that the listener would be able to enjoy the full experience of live music, boasting extreme clarity, tight articulation, and deep pounding bass that will motivate you to achieve at your highest level of performance. There is another innovative capability of the Monster DNA Pro, which would fall under the purview of Monster Music Share, where it will feature dual-port inputs that would pave the way for up to five headphones in order to connect simultaneously in order to share their audio experience. Price: Rs 18900 for a pair.


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