Money Power Has Taken Over Everything : Big Money Has Lured The Country

We have for long been seeing the unending spectacle of pro Narendra Modi and anti Narendra Modi forces within the BJP and the RSS. At one time the BJP and its earlier version, the Jan Sangh, was known for its discipline. And the cadre was known to follow the party line without any dissensions. The RSS was also a respected organisation who’s one word used to solve many problems or give the correct line. All that is gone. Now the BJP is seen squabbling like any other political party, certainly worse than the Congress party whom it wants to replace. The RSS also has played a role not expected of it. The tallest leader in the BJP undoubtedly is L K Advani, whatever people may say. After Atal Bihari Vajpayee the tallest leader is L K Advani — respected throughout the country. But the main thing, the point which the people are missing is that money power has taken over everything. Narendra Modi has money power. Charisma is all right for its own value but without money nothing happens. He has got his own setup to prop up his image. The people in the media, they have got young boys who are all the time on the Internet. Even a leader like Sushil Modi in Bihar who used to be with Nitish Kumar is now attracted by the Narendra Modi brand of money politics. Narendra Modi had assured Rajnath Singh that whatever the cost of elections he will bear it, he need not ask any other State. The figure going around was so astronomical that it is absolutely against the culture of the BJP and the RSS but it shows that after 1991 when the neo-liberal model was adopted by the country, the country has been lured by big money. There are now over 50 business houses. Before Indira Gandhi gave the ‘Garibi Hatao’ slogan, ten or twenty houses had controlled all the capital in the country through banks controlled by them. She took a bold decision of nationalising the banks. It was not appreciated by the corporate sector but the fact remains that it resulted in a widespread diffusion of entrepreneurship. There were lots of new businessmen, small and big, who sprouted across the country. That went on till 1991. After 1991, we adopted a new liberal model of America. The result is again the same : the business houses might have changed, the Thapars and the Modis and the Sahujis might have been replaced but new ones have come. And Tata, Birla are of course there. So again there is the same handful of ten business houses. If the Government wants to disinvest, it will be the same business houses who will quote. If a new project will come, it is the same business houses who will run it. And given this economic power, especially in the States where they operate, the Chief Ministers get so much money from them that the whole situation has changed and a party like the BJP, the President of the BJP cannot do anything because he is depending heavily on one Chief Minister for money. So politics is not politics, pure politics is now economic politics which is sad for the country. Narendra Modi’s so called charisma is all bought by publicity. Publicity can’t take you that far. Narendra Modi’s followers say, on the Internet he has a big following. Only eight per cent of Indians have got access to the Internet. And in the villages of the country where there is no electricity, how can there be the Internet. All these factors are not durable euphoria as such. And the national press which is of course all money based is such they think that Narendra Modi is already on the way to the Prime Ministership. If the BJP was serious, they should give less importance to money, work its cadre, work for a Government like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a moderate Government, not Hindu jingoism, in which they can only divide the country, beat the country and unleash violence as they did in Muzzafarnagar. The second point is the market and the economy. Ever since Raghuram Rajan has taken over as RBI Governor, the rupee has shown some sign of stability, the market has also reacted favourably. But this is only initial — time is running out and unless follow up steps are taken we will not be able to sustain this.


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