Modi’s 30 rallies & roadblocks in Gujarat

By Santosh Bhartiya

Talk about Gujarat election is all over the place. The Congress has immersed itself into it and the BJP is all set to follow suit. As of now, Congress campaign has somewhat unsettled the BJP. The BJP on its part has announced 30-odd marathon rallies of Prime Minister Modi for the first phase of polling. Interestingly, in this election the issues of government’s achievements or the Chief Minister and his cabinet’s performance has no takers; the issue here is the image of Narendra Modi. If the BJP gets less number of seats or wins by margins of about 10 seats, then image of Narendra Modi will be diminished across the country. Our sources in the BJP say this is due largely to Amit Shah that 30 rallies of Narendra Modi have been arranged. He will address two to three rallies in one district of Gujarat. Why this urgency? Why there is trust deficit in the BJP vis-à-vis its work in Gujarat? The BJP received second blow from the Election Commission. For the campaign against the Congress, the BJP had printed propaganda in large quantity, which carried a facetious word “Pappu”. The Election Commission objected the use the word “Pappu” and asked to expurgate the objectionable material from its campaign materials. Hence the entire promotional material of BJP has gone waste. The Election Commission will also take account of that money. Now the Gujarat BJP is trying to publish new promotional materials in a hurry.

Gujarat election ought to be fought on the Congress’s agenda or the BJP’s achievements and future programmes? Interestingly, it fought on sex CDs. Although the purported CDs contain no sex, even then the BJP propagating through the media as if it is a sex CD. What is wrong if Hardik Patel appears in a CD with girls in a hotel room or in a restaurant? In the clipping shown in the CD no one undressed, or showed obscene behavior, and yet the CD is being promoted with “sex” prefix. Experts say in today’s age of technological advancements making CD with fake clips is not a big deal. I asked ordinary people of Gujarat whether it would have any effect in the Gujarat elections. Their answer was it would have some bearing, had it been true. Even before the release of the CD, Hardik Patel had declared that “in order to turn Patidar against me” the BJP may bring a sex CD to malign his image. Some people have actually turned against him. According to my information this CD has disturbed about 12 to 16 percent people, and they have become confused whether to vote for Hardik or not. Now the question is does the BJP wish to contest this election on the basis of sex CD? I was thinking why does this sex CD surface at all?


A sex CD had emerged in Jaipur involving a top BJP leader. After investigation that turned out to be fake. What transpired in the wake of that CD?  It took a toll on the leader and his political career took a nose dive and he was forced to resign. You must make out as to whom I am alluding to. This was the same leader due to whom the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi refused to join the National Executive of the BJP in Mumbai. He had laid condition that as long as that leader remains in Mumbai or in the meeting, he will not attend the National Executive. Consequently, that leader was asked to leave the venue. He was the organization secretary of the party. However, even after the sex CD proved to be concocted, the RSS did not dare to reinstate that person to his post or even bring him in its own fold or in the BJP. The RSS chief and other leaders often meet him clandestinely, but show no gumption to give any post or any special task. However still that leader attracts thousands wherever he goes. On his birthday the BJP MPs, MLAs and ministers make beelines at his North Avenue residence.

Two CDs related to Hardik Patel were released. Rather than dealing with technical aspects, I would like to deal with the political implications of these CDs. First, this scandal has made Hardik Patel a household name across the country. Earlier he was look at as a political leader; now some people may even look at him as a young politician with a playboy image: the image BJP wish to create for him. But it has not benefited the BJP. Advancement in technology in our country has given rise to character assassination of opponents. In a 2010 issue of Chauthi Duniya, we did two or three big stories about Mossad. Since Chauthi Duniya has unearthed Mossad’s activities in the country, they were planning to implicate us in sex scandals. It occurred to me that we should do another story on the development, which we did and probably because of that their plan did not materialized. Today, technology helps people to perpetrate hideous crimes and sins. We had also run a story about ubiquitous nature pornography on the internet, and how it is tearing apart relationships and our values. Our research gave us startling results. We found that though there is a lot of money involved in it, it is also eating up our culture and relationships tearing up our social fabric. We also found that the porn websites have contributed copiously in perverting young minds. The nefarious design to destroy someone’s careers and relationship by make sex CD is done by the same network that run the business of porn websites. This is a serious matter. However, this sex CD will not be affected the outcome of Gujarat elections.

Yashwant Sinha delivered a speech in Gujarat on 14 November. A huge crowd was gathered to listen to him. Everyone should listen to his speech that how a sensible former finance minister look at the situations. He did not blame anyone for anything. He just put forth his views on the current situation. He bemoaned “What kind of democracy we live in, where if someone expresses his views, he instantly becomes a traitor?” Democracy allows everyone to express his/her voice. He said there should be rule of people in the country. He explained the truth of GST and demonetization. However, his speech has not found space on television.

One thing I want to bring to the attention of my readers. We had a lead story about the Rafale deal with France five months from now. Then no leader raised any questions. Today’s details of that deal are started coming to the fore. The Congress is fretting and fuming today. But had they raised the issue six months ago, it probably would have reaped some benefit out of that. After five months of our publishing the report, disclosures about Rafale deal are made or taken up by the opposition party, which shows mental bankruptcy of the opposition in our country, which does not understand the issue. However, coming back on Gujarat the 30 proposed rallies of the Prime Minister shows that people’s belief in the BJP has definitely been shaken, whether or not the Congress has contributed in it is another matter. The enthusiasm and love with which they voted Modi in 2012 have lost somewhere. To placate angry people and bring them to the level of 2012, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned 30 marathon rallies in upcoming assembly elections. The final mood of the voters will be expressed when votes will be cast but there are many road blocks which are definitely visible.


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