Modi Government’s Suicidal Sterilization Mission

By Prabhat Ranjan Deen

In a rush to controlling rising population, the Modi government has taken up a horrific step. It has initiated a program in which mothers are being made infertile just by injecting a medicine. For executing this heinous scheme “nationalist” Modi government has tied up with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This association focuses on injecting a harmful medicine to the mothers. This is to be noted, that aforesaid medicine is used for castrating gruesome criminals indulged in sex related crimes. This medicine which is utilized for destroying the fertility glands of rapist and sex criminals is being openly injected in females in the name of mission family development. These innocent ladies do not have any option as it has been made a compulsion. Riding on the huge funds, this family elimination program has entered 145 districts of the country. Most of the districts belong to Uttar Pradesh, numbering around 57. Initially Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) led seven states have been picked up for the execution of the dreadful program. The reason being, government did not want any hurdle in the game of money and power. With the help of primary health centers in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, government is compulsorily injecting depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). This medicine is used for eliminating the fertility glands of rapists.



In order to control the population of seven densely populated BJP ruled States, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under J.P. Nadda misappropriated the official data. Primarily health ministry picked up 2010-2011 census data and presented the fertility rate at 3.8%. As a result, it kicked off this disastrous program in more and more states. In this top level game, fertility rate in Uttar Pradesh was shown as high as 5%. Consequently central government got the chance to expand programs net in 57 districts of the state. The latest data of National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) belongs to 2015-2016. It clearly states that the fertility rate of the country has reduced to 2.1%. Fresh numbers show fertility rate in Uttar Pradesh fertility rate at 2.7%. In case if the health ministry would have taken the reference from latest numbers it could have targeted less districts of the state. However, it deliberately chose (NFHS-3) to expand it wings into more regions. In the later case this so called family welfare program would have expanded to the lesser districts. This organized scam is all set to make the country infertile. This DMPA injection has reached to 145 districts and very shortly will make it to the community health centers of these districts. Various health bodies of different levels have been provided with the target of sterilizing large number of females via this medicine.


‘Antara’ is Perilous

This injection has been popularized by the name of ‘Antara’. Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) causes serious implications after being injected into a woman. They become completely infertile. Apparently if they conceive their babies are too weak to survive. Those who survive become handicapped. Various countries of the world are using dangerous DMPA to make the sex- criminals infertile forever. According to pharmacology experts DMPA causes permanent changes in the human body. As a result, bones start to melt.  The chances of heart attack and osteoporosis rise in males. Their chest starts to swell like females. women injected with medicine witness various complications in physical development. Their bone mass decreases and it starts to shrink, color of lips changes which is followed by speedy hairfall. Simultaneously muscle mass also gets reduced. Along with that DMPA also soars the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer. When in use it becomes difficult for a woman to concieve. On top of that, it also hieghtens the risk of HIV infections. If experts are to be believed the case of DMPA is very complicated. This is irony that the whole scam has been executed without considering the side effects. No research was conducted to view its harmful effects on women. Within an year of usage of DMPA injection irregularties were noticed in menstrual cycle of 55% women. While in second year number of such women rose to 68%. The risk of HIV and other sexual infections(chlamydia infection) is more in such women. Post usage if a woman gives birth, the weight of child gets too low. In most of the cases infant dies within one year. Somehow if women concieves, the risk of HIV infection is higher in their babies. Mental health of females also gets affected. Apart from breast cancer the medicine also contributes to cervical cancer. A study dated 2006 reveals that if DMPA is continuosly used for two years the chances of oestoporesis  increases. Another research of 2012 says if the medicine is regularly used for 12 months or more the risk of grave breast cancer soars-up. Before injecting DMPA to a woman it is eminent to caution her. Simultaneously this is the responsibility of concerned doctor to make the woman aware of its side effects. Unfortunately this is something which is not being done. The packets of Antara do not possess any caution or warning. The irresponsibility of government can be judged by the fact that its package do not have manufacturers name published on it.Vaccines which are given to children also comes with four cautions displayed on it. On the contrary, DMPA injection does not have such notifications. For instance daily wager Mukesh Chandra’s wife was given this medicine after which she suffered serious health inplications.Before getting the injection she was hale and hearty while after getting injected with DMPA her health detoriated to such an extent that she was  admitted to a private hospital. The reason behind was heavy bleeding which continued for 20 days. Those who injected her with DMPA could not be traced. In contrast, health officials blamed woman for her pathetic health condition. According to them she was diseased that’s why her condition deteriorated after getting the injection. There are various examples like Mukesh’s wife where health of the patient lowed post DMPA medication. Basically DMPA injection has proved a culminating agent for the upcoming generation of lower classs. By this mission central government is targeting rural, lower, lower middle class, uneducated, semi-educated population. With the help of public health centers and primary health clinic Antara is being injected in mothers. Everyone is aware of the class which seeks the services of public health centers. These health centers have been alotted sky- rocketing targets to achieve. Concerned doctors are neither asked to perform hormone-assessment prior giving the injection nor they have been told to make women aware about the hazardous effects of  injection. On top of that, they are least bothered for informing them about sterlisation and precautions. Whereas women have been adviced to take the injection on their own. Pathetically the formality of seeking prior permission is limited only to papers. The class to which these women belong is not capable of judging thier well being and hence they remain ignorant about the health complications caused by DMPA.

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation along with multinational pharma company Pfizer and Children investment foundation is selling DMPA in poor countries by the name of Sayana Press. As far as DMPA injection is concerned it is given via syringe while in Sayana Press needle is attached to a pouch. In later after inserting the needle when pouch is pressed medicine enters the body. As per the sources, health ministry is preparing to launch Sayana Press in India as well.

Lobby Pushed DMPA Use

During 1993-1994 DMPA was used by specific private bodies.  Subsequently many social bodies were struggling to get it banned by Supreme Court. In 1995 Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) and Central Durgs Standard Control Organisation put a ban on utilization of DMPA for family planning mission. Board stated, in special cases this  injection can be used only on a woman who has been warned about its side effects. In the year 2001 various medicines were banned. However lobby to promote DMPA was so powerful that it left no stone unturned to bar its ban. Hence its limited use was permitted in private sector. Concurrently they were asked to inform the women about its perilous effect and seek their consent before its use. Tug-of-war for acceptance of DMPA injection intensified with the intervention of Gates foundation. It has stregthen the lobby in favor. The foundation initially strived to access British government and later paved its way to promote DMPA for population control in under developed econmies. In India it succeeded to fix health ministry which with the help of its family welfare department sent a proposal to DTAB. Proposal suggested lifting of ban from DMPA. To this DTAB again pointed towards hazardous effects of the injection and suspended the proposal. It brought in notice that use of DMPA is causing osteoporosis in women. It adviced family welfare department to consult the renown Gynecologist of the country on this issue. Synchronously it suggested getting the medicine researched for its after effects. It also gave the reference of America’s Food and Drug Administration which prefers to keep DMPA in black boxes. In spite of that, democratic Modi government seemed least bothered to pay any attention on these suggestions. On the other hand it pressurized various concerned health departments to accomplish the pre-determined targets. With the directions of concerned minister, family welfare department called up a conference on July 24, 2015. The conference was staged as an attempt for consultation on this issue. More than thousand organisations which were associated with opposition and legal battle against DMPA were denied participation. Even the health organisations like Saheli and Sama were not considered for the consultation process. It was assumed, as DMPA is already used in private sector its utilization can be extended to public sector as well. Surprisingly DTAB which was always against use of DMPA in public health system suddenly approved its adoption on August 18, 2015. This way a harmful medicine was put to use by Modi government which has put the life of upcoming generation on stake. Those who were raising their voice against it were crushed, while media was silenced so that nobody can hear the foot steps of silent killer.

The arrogant health minister of Modi government JP Nadda kicked-off mission ‘Family Development’ in 2017. To this he had claimed to curtail country’s population by 2025. How they are aspiring to achieve the aforesaid target, has already been revealed. He was also heard saying that the credit of mission goes to him.  He said, secretary of the ministry CK Mishra congratulated him on his initiative right from London. While Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is labelling this step as an initiative for better future of children. During the launch of mission family developement JP Nadda pronounced to bring contry’s fertility rate at  2.1% by 2025. Factually speaking as per the survey of 2015-2016 India’s fertility rate is already at 2.1%. Evidently there is direct involvement of Nadda in falsification of official health numbers. The mission which receives funding from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is monitored by India Health Action Trust. In this context Gates couple is in constant touch of health ministry, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, Bihar ruler Nitish Kumar along with the leaders of other States. Back to back meetings are being organized to materialize the mission. Despite that, funding, operation, medicine cost have been kept under wraps. Apparently this mission lacks transparency. Various governments have merely reduced to puppets in the hands of Gates foundation. Even, World Health Organization (WHO) does not have a say and it is bit obvious. As WHO received a fund of around 40 billion dollar and an annual sum of three billion dollars which constitutes 10% of organization’s budget, obliging foundation is its compulsion. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and its syndicates is pivot of every health-economic organization. Comparing to that Modi, Yogi, Raghubar Das, Nitish Kumar are just small fry.


Foundation’s Penetration

In Uttar Pradesh the ‘family elimination’ program is being monitored by foundation’s India health Action Trust. It may sound surprising but Gates foundation has appointed an Indian Administrative Services official as the head of Trust. Vikas Gothwal who is an IAS officer of UP cadre is leading the trust. This is a classic example of Gates foundation’s influence on government machinery. Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav was also under the influence of the foundation. He officially freed Gothwal from his duties to get him appoint as trust’s head. Initailly his tenure was from 2014 to 2016. In between Yogi took up as the Chief Minister of the State and he granted him an extension for three years. These days Gothwal is enjoying his education leave in London, simultaneously monitoring the operations of trust.


 Chemical Castration for Withholding Population 

After the brutal rape of Nirbhaya former Congress government was all set to make space for chemical castration of gruesome sex criminals. Unfortunately the plan could not materialise. Though Congress decided to put the proposal in front of Justice JS Verma but it was not done. When Congress submitted its recommendations to Verma till then chemical castration was not considered. It only included 30 years imprisonment for rapist, constituting fast track court for speedy trial and restructuring of Juvenile Justice Act. The demand for chemical castration was raised by senior Congress leader Renuka Chaudhary. At that time Congress was planning to castrate the criminals and now BJP has implemented the plan but in reverse.


Across the globe, various countries are opposing the chemical castration of gruesome sex-criminals. It is unlike India where central government is chemically castrating its mothers. Not a single person has raised his voice against this heinous social crime. Neither social organizations are opposing this move nor are social activists and intellectuals registering their anger. Indian courts which are focussing on pollution and traffic jam are not at all interested in considering this serious issue. Here it is significant to know that in 1966 a cruel sex-criminal in America was castrated with medroxyprogesterone acetate. The base ingredient of this medicine is same as DMPA which is now getting used for sterilizing Indian women. America’s food and drug administration opposed the usage of medroxyprogesterone acetate and later imposed ban on its use. California’s Penal Code(section 365) only allows castration of child sex criminals by DMPA. Same law follows in Florida. Likewise in Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, Texas also allow chemical castration of criminals by DMPA. Whereas, Civil Liberties Union of America is opposing its usage on criminals. Apart from America, England, Germany and Israel also punish their chronic sex criminals by chemical castration via DMPA. Unlike those countries, Indian government is using DMPA on its mothers.


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