Missing Varun Gandhi Relocated!

Gandhi-VarunBy Santosh Bhartiya

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections are on the verge of completion but Varun Gandhi seems missing all these days. In order to locate him we needed to interrogate five main characters and that too very carefully. The first one whom we contacted was Maneka Gandhi, Varun Gandhi’s mother. Second person who was supposed to be aware of his whereabouts was Mr. Amit Shah, the BJP President. Third were the people having good terms with 10 Janpath. Fourth one is of course Varun Gandhi himself and last but not the least Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi surely had the clue about his political exile during assembly elections. After talking to each one of them the story which came up was more interesting than any bollywood masala movie. If we add to it the information provided by our sources it becomes even more interesting. I’ll try to put it in front of you in best possible manner.
When Varun Gandhi was the General Secretary of Bhartiya Janata Party, PM Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. During those days BJP parliamentarian Varun Gandhi met Modi on several occasions, on one of those occasions Modi even came to his residence. As Varun was handling a prominent post in the party, they both met to discuss the organizational issues. During one such encounter Modi was about to start his conversation with Varun when his servant – who hailed perhaps from Bihar – brought a cup of tea for Gujarat’s Chief Minister. While putting the cup on the table a little tea spilled over. Without realizing his mistake he started walking back. Suddenly Modi twanged and called him again. He asked him to bring another cup of tea without any mismanagement this time. Simultaneously, he preached him for doing his work with perfection and errorless. Varun was surprised by the behavior of Gujarat’s then CM. Later he shared this incidence with one of his friends. He said he was shocked by the attitude of Narendra Modi.
In the marriage ceremony of the Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla’s sister, top-notched people of the political world were invited. Priyanka and Varun Gandhi were also on the celebrated guest list. Varun Gandhi attended the marriage and stayed there for almost three hours. When Priyanka saw him she waved and invited him to accompany her. Varun kept meeting people while Priyanka kept waiting for him. Later he came and sat next to Priyanka. Both of them sat together for not less than two hours. People who came to the party noticed them sitting together. Priyanka was seen talking to him, however Varun tried to reply her via smile. His gesture was a little guarded while replying his cousin. As per an eyewitness who also attended that party Priyanka was trying to influence Varun though he tried to pretend indifferent from her efforts. They sat together for two hours. Did they talk? Only God knows. What people saw was just both of them sitting together. The message which was conveyed to the BJP Government by the people involved in security of Varun was he met Priyanka Gandhi. On top of that, information about both of them talking for around two hours added fuel to the fire. Varun’s friendly encounter with Priyanka was in anyway harmless for her. However, it came as no less than a disaster for Varun Gandhi.
After attaining remarkable victory in 2014 General elections, PM Narendra Modi constituted his cabinet. Majority of the RSS and the BJP leaders were pressurizing him to include Varun in his cabinet. On the contrary Narendra Modi wanted him to stay out of his core team. Rajnath Singh who was close to the development talked to Varun Gandhi at that time. He asked him what can be the boon and banes of including Varun in the cabinet. By this he tried to get the glimpse of his future plans. As Varun is close to Sangh’s K.S. Sudarshan, he is strongly backed by the RSS. This was probably the reason they decided to create unrest in BJP if Varun is not inducted in Modi’s cabinet. When RSS people talked to Varun, they got to know that he wants his mother to be a cabinet minister. According to RSS sources they thought of belling the cow by offering cabinet position to Maneka Gandhi. This was done to make sure that her calf remains around. With this in mind few of the RSS members along with Rajnath Singh (probably, I am not sure about it) asked Narendra Modi to include Maneka Gandhi in cabinet which paved her way to power.
After Shehzad Poonawalla’s sister’s marriage, Priyanka Gandhi came to Varun’s residence for dinner. She always tries to merge Varun to her family. This was probably the reason behind Varun’s appearance at 10 Janpath when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister. As per the sources from 10 Janpath, Varun once saw BJP’s senior leader Subramanian Swamy talking to Sonia Gandhi. When both of them saw each other they smiled. Varun silently moved to Priyanka’s room and started talking to her. When Priyanka came to his residence for dinner she invited him to her party. Also tried to give him the privilege to become Chief Minister face for Congress in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Priyanka’s close aids disclose that Varun became little uncomfortable with this unexpected offer and he turned down her proposal. When she asked him the reason for his denial he stated that he has been chosen on behalf of the BJP. If he joins Congress, then he will be considered as an absconder. If he considers party’ offer of becoming Chief Minister then people will blame him for opportunism. Before this incidence Varun Gandhi kept campaigning in the Uttar Pradesh for the BJP. This gave a message to the BJP that Varun can be probable CM’s face in the state. In his support BJP party workers even used his posters in Allahabad, Sultanpur and Lucknow. Rumors spread across the BJP that if party emerges victorious in the state, Varun is all set to become the Chief Minister. This went unacceptable for the party after which Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Varun to his place. The difference from Chief Minister Narendra Modi to Prime Minister Modi was loudly visible. He clearly indicated him that he shall not visit the state till assembly polls gets over. When Varun asked the reason for this move Narendra Modi said there is no specific reason but he should not visit Uttar Pradesh. This whole conversation ended then and there only. However, Varun consulted his friends about the situation and even asked what should be his next move.
One day out of the blue he received a message from the BJP President Amit Shah to meet him ‘immediately’. When he went to Shah’s residence – as friend of Varun confided – Shah was sitting on a single-seated sofa at the time. In front of him there was a table on which he put his legs. When Varun came inside Shah smiled. Varun remained stood but he said to Shah, ‘this is how you sit in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?’ Varun’s interruption to his comfort made him feel little embarrassed. As a result he quickly removed his legs from the table and started talking to him. He said as you already received message from the Prime Minister not to visit Uttar Pradesh, I hope you understand what it means? Varun again asked the reason for the party’s decision. Shah replied that if he visits the state that will prove harmful for the BJP. Varun again asked how? To this Shah retorted that opposition has got some of his photographs in compromising situation. If those photographs become public this will taint the image of the organization. Varun asked him to get those photographs. Shah went inside and brought an envelope which contained those photographs. He showed those photographs to Varun in which a thin build look alike of Varun Gandhi was shown in compromising situation with a female. After seeing those pictures Varun asked for a set of those unwanted photographs from Shah. He said he will show it to his wife. Listening to this Amit Shah laughingly said are you serious? Are you going to show these to your wife? Varun responded affirmatively. He said Amit Bhai, please see these photographs. My build up is entirely different from the man present in the picture. There is a lot of difference between the man in picture and of course me. Actually those photographs were provided by the people who were involved in arms deal or were provided by the sources of CBI. The story which was created behind this ‘dirty picture’ was that due to these photographs Varun leaked sensitive information to ammunition dealers while being a member of Defence committee. Amit Shah even asked him if he knows Abhishek Verma. Varun said yes. He said when he was studying he had no money. Visiting hotel and restaurant was no less than a dream in those days. Abhishek Verma met him four-five times during those days. He used to arrange goods for him. Varun said parents of Abhishek Verma were members of Rajya Sabha and Verma himself is considered a great intellectual. He shared good terms with Indira Gandhi. The slogan ”Jaat par na paat par, Indira ji ki baat par, Mohar lagegi hath par” was given to her by Verma. Later Varun said ‘you are saying I leaked the information while being the member of the Defence Committee’? This is not true as I was never the part of any of the Defence Committee meetings. Now it was the time for Shah to get surprised. He informed Varun that this information has reached to CBI. To this Varun reverted that this is your duty to verify the authenticity of these pictures. He again explained shah that the man in the picture has different body and built up. How can it be he then? Whosoever sent those pictures to CBI or Amit Shah and other leading political leaders of BJP stated that the pictures belong to Varun when he was 19 years of age. Listening to this Varun said if he was of 18-19 years of age at that time why would anybody mind him getting involved in some relationship. How is it going to affect Bhartiya Janata Party in anyway? Shah said he has left no stone unturned for stopping these photographs from appearing in media. If these get leaked, they will surely cause huge damage to the party. After an hour and half conversation Varun returned to his place. Within 15 days of that meeting those objectionable pictures reached to electronic and print media. Surprisingly print media paid no attention to these. One or two channels showed those photographs just to gain cheap publicity.
According to close aid of Priyanka Gandhi when these photographs came up in social media she immediately rang up Varun to console him. Not only this she said she is with him in every ups and downs. She said of being at guard to the conspiracy against him. Even Rahul called up to sympathise with him. Priyanka sent a message to Varun that we are a family and hence we all need to stay together (I am not sure about this information). As per the sources Varun neither sent any satisfactory reply to Priyanka nor to Sonia or Rahul. A source close to these developments revealed that those photographs of Varun were distributed by none other than BJP chief Amit Shah. The second one behind the whole scandal is Arun Jately. Sources say what needs to get published in media is decided by Finance Minister Arun Jately.
Varun was barred from visiting Uttar Pradesh. He conveyed this message to those who were projecting him as the future Chief Minister of the state. Varun Gandhi found all together a different solution for this problem. He started visiting colleges and Universities of the country. Sources say since last four months he has visited Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Delivered lectures on different issues and talked to youngsters. In between he started writing columns in newspapers like The Hindu, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala and Dainik Bhaskar. In some newspaper his columns are regular where as in others these appear once in a while. Readers love reading Varun write-ups. They love his style of writing that’s why his articles are in demand and are getting published regularly. Apart from that Varun has endeavoured sincere efforts for welfare of the farmers. His closest allies say that he collected around 10 to 15 crores and gave that money to farmers who were dying under the burden of heavy loans. It was anticipated that if they don’t get money, they will surely commit suicide. Varun Gandhi has currently no role to play in the BJP. Despite that around 15 to 20 MPs have send messages to Varun about the treatment which was given to him by the party. They even said they are with him morally if not politically.
Away from the State’s politics and election Varun is spending his time with youngsters and farmers these days. His visits are not getting covered by media but his columns are regular in different newspapers. On the other hand Priyanka Gandhi is incessantly pinging Varun that we are a family but he kept turning down her offer. If he would have agreed to Priyanka’s offer needless to say that congress was all set to contest on 400 seats of Uttar Pradesh. Then the whole scenario would have been entirely different. The entire picture would have been a different one.
Various supporters of Bhartiya Janata Party consider Varun Gandhi as a strong contender for Chief Minister Post. But unfortunately he remained missing all these days or has been forced to remain underground by the top leadership. He was added to the party’s star campaigners list at the last moment and suddenly went out of the limelight. This is why we investigated the reason behind his disappearance during middle of the election campaign and the story which came up was presented right in front of you. I am 90 percent sure sources which revealed the stories cannot deny it at any cost.


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