Meghalaya Governor Resigns over Harassment Allegation.

V-ShanmuganathanV Shanmuganathan resigned as the governor of Meghalaya following allegations of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and turning the Raj Bhavan into a ‘Young Ladies Club. These allegations are very serious in nature and a blatant compromise of the dignity and decorum of the Governor and Raj Bhavan. But, the question why the Modi Govt was sleeping till date? Did they know about the misconduct of the Governor? If they knew then why did Centre did not act? If Delhi was unaware about his actions then it reflects how the system is working in this country.

The issue came into light when nearly 100 employees of the Raj Bhavan wrote a signed letter to the Prime Minister and the President exposing the misconduct of Meghalaya Governer V Shanmuganathan.

In the letter the employees claimed that Governer V Shanmuganathan is rude, arrogant, temperamental, and untruthful. Above all, he has seriously compromised the dignity of the Raj Bhavan and unfortunately made the Raj Bhavan into a ‘Young Ladies Club’. They claimed that they are going through severe humiliation, mental stress and torture. The letter revealed that when APJ Abdul Kalam was hospitalized he was sleeping in his bedroom and only after the call from Prime Minister made him run to Bethany Hospital, Shillong.

The letter claimed that ADCs to the governor are having a free run and there is no check on them. They are arrogant and boss over other employees and use filthy language which is resented by the staff. Raj Bhavan has now under this governor become a place where young ladies come and go at will with direct orders from the governor. These ladies have direct access to his bedroom. After his taking over a lady from Chennai was appointed as personal cook and a girl from Jorhat, Assam was appointed as personal assistant and then was given the post of PRO. Both the above employees apart from their salary are, as per directions of the governor, provided with free lodging, food, laundry services, toiletry items, vehicles, and stays in Raj Bhavan. Their relatives and friends, mostly young ladies, are entitled to the same facilities and such visits are quite frequent. Recently, a private nurse on night duty was appointed who finally left as it is alleged that the governor misbehaved with her at night. Other so-called lady nurses also stayed at Raj Bhavan at different points of time.


The letter also claimed that whenever the governor is on tour outside the state, he is accompanied by the personal assistant, except surprisingly for his visit to his home town Chennai. Further, she has no office as she works from her bedroom which is attached to the governor’s bedroom, named ‘Rilang’ and handles his Facebook account and other social sites accounts. When this governor was in-charge governor of Manipur, she used to accompany the Governor to Imphal and stay in the same room with the Governor in Raj Bhavan, Imphal.

Protests by civil society groups erupted on the streets of Shillong as they want impartial probe into sexual harassment allegation againt the Governor. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma had said he was waiting for a decision from PM Modi and the Home Ministry.


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  • January 27, 2017 at 7:18 pm

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