Mallika’s Make-up worth Rs. 60 Lakhs

With her variegated skills, Mallika Sherawat has made a place for herself in the film industry. In her upcoming film, ‘Kismat Love Paisa Delhi’, in which she stars alongside Vivek Oberoi, the make-up team have spent Rs. 60 lakhs  on her. Make-up specialist Jeffrey Pal, who charges Rs.1 lakh for  make-up per day, was appointed the make-up man for Mallika for this movie, and thereby the Director has paid Rs. 60 lakhs  to Jeffrey for a period of 2 months. With the emerging trend of the Director’s preferring their heroines to look hot in their movies, they try to find the best possible beauticians and with Mallika on the line, one can rest assured that she will make sure she looks absolutely mesmerising in her clothes, accessories and make-up. The Director of the movie is Sanjay Khanduri and the producer is Amit Chandra.


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