Main Crisis Today Is Of Morals

While corruption is an important issue, the more important issue plaguing the nation is lack of employment opportunities. In the pre 1991 economic regime the priorities were subsidised food to the poor, creating employment opportunities through public or private sector, giving enough subsidy to the farm sector to avoid shortage of food grains etc. The progress was not spectacular but was very slow and steady. Post 1991 the economic growth has gone up many times and this year even 7 per cent growth is considered lower because the expectations are 9-10 per cent. It is true that higher economic growth is required if the nation has to prosper. However a 7 per cent growth is not to be scoffed at considering most economies in the world are registering 3-4 per cent. The problem facing India is the content of the 7 per cent growth. Not enough employment is being created and even the farm land which is acquired by displacing hundreds of farmers is unable to create enough employment.
The Government is responsible for the whole country and not only the corporate sector. The Government cannot look in terms of profit and loss as if the whole country is a bania shop. For the Western countries, India is a potential market for their goods and services; for us, India is a proud nation of one billion.
The main crisis today is of morals. In the freedom struggle people with a steady income in their profession gave up their jobs and joined Mahatma Gandhi in spite of personal loss to themselves. It was all missionary zeal. Today hardly anybody who is reasonably successful in his vocation would like to leave that and join politics and public life. The result is all the political parties are saddled with people for whom politics is their main business. Anna Hazare cannot succeed by getting a Lokpal appointed because the ultimate power is with the representatives of people and unless the moral status improves we will always have a second class Government and not a first class one. In the Western countries also there is corruption. But the public at large is not affected because the police, the courts, schools, hospitals etc. do not extort money from the poor man. Corruption is confined to the higher echelons. In India there is corruption at the higher level for mutual benefit of the corporate sector and politicians and extortion at the lower level where the hapless common man has to pay to get even his rightful job done. It is high time Manmohan Singh acted decisively against corrupt Ministers, the erring corporate sector and should use a strict whip for bureaucrats to bring relief to the common man.
Till politicians are blatantly corrupt, the bureaucrats  right from the secretary level to the clerks  make money and a corrupt politician cannot obviously act against them. If all this continues as it is, democracy itself will be in danger.


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