Mafia at Magadh University Doles Out Fake Degrees Temple Of Education Now A Centre Of Corruption

According to the premier investigating agency of the country, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Magadh University is considered to be the head quarters for providing fake degrees in the country. In the last two and a half decades, hundreds of cases have come to light in which people, after obtaining fake degree from Magadh University, have found Government jobs in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc. Among these cases, the case of an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer of Punjab is noteworthy. Due to fake degrees, several staff members and employees of Magadh University have been in different jails of the country. There is a syndicate of employees who have worked in the Examination Department of Magadh University who have been providing fake degrees.
Similar cases have recently been unearthed in Himachal Pradesh. After receiving degrees for ‘Prabhakar’, (a Sanskrit degree) from Magadh University, several people have secured Government jobs in several departments in Himachal Pradesh. The funny part is that there is no ‘Prabhakar’ course in Magadh University or in other Universities in Bihar, but the mafias of Magadh University who are distributing the fake degrees have given fake ‘Prabhakar’ degrees to several people. On the strength of this degree, many people have secured Government jobs in Himachal Pradesh. When the ‘Prabhakar’ degrees were sent for verification by the Himachal Pradesh Government to Magadh University, the mafia replied in a letter with a fake letter head and fake signature of the then Examination Controller, K.K Narayan, that the ‘Prabhakar’ degrees were valid.
The truth came out when an investigating team from the CBI reached Magadh University. Chaos prevailed in Magadh University when news of the CBI team’s arrival spread. The CBI team interrogated many employees of the University and also took written testimony of their statements. Sources say that the CBI team zeroed in on a dozen employees of the University, among whom some have already retired. Prior to this, the Special Duty Officer, Krishna Kumar of the then Chancellor, R.S Gavai, had also started investigating the fake degrees racket by conducting raids in several places. In addition to this, Magadh University is also notorious for several other irregularities and ‘frauds’.

It will not be a hyperbole to assert that today, Magadh University is under ‘ventilator’ care. The entire system of the University has collapsed. Whatsoever you put your hands on, you get the foul smell of corruption and irregularities. The ‘Temple of Higher Education’ –Magadh University, situated on the ‘Gyan Bhoomi’ of Tathagata, has turned into the ‘Ganga of Corruption.’


It will not be a hyperbole to assert that today, Magadh University is under ‘ventilator’ care. The entire system of the University has collapsed. Whatsoever you put your hands on, you get the foul smell of corruption and irregularities. The Chancellor’s Office and the Bihar Government through their orders and instructions have transformed the ‘Temple of Higher Education’ – Magadh University, situated on the ‘Gyan Bhoomi’ of Tathagata, into the ‘Ganga of Corruption.’ The Vice Chancellor of the University who has been recently designated from the Chancellor’s Office only had one motive – ‘Make Hay While the Sun Shines’ (‘Behti Ganga Mein Jamkar Haath Saaf Karna’). This is the reason why this University has strayed so far from its basic essence i.e. imparting proper learning to students. The University has completed 50 years of its existence, so 2012 is a Golden Jubilee year, but after reaching its Golden Jubilee year, it has gone into a coma. The programme organised for the Golden Jubilee Year of Magadh University became limited to sports only. The Golden Jubilee Celebrations were completed by inviting the Chancellor along with the Governor.
However, in the name of organising sports competitions for the Golden Jubilee Year, a handsome amount of money was collected from about 44 colleges and a dozen affiliated colleges. From T.S College Hisua, Nawada alone, around 2.5 lakh rupees have been collected in the name of the Golden Jubilee. It can be estimated from this case how much money has been collected. The most important thing is that due to the absence of a permanent Vice Chancellor, only 25 per cent of employees regularly remain present in the University. The remaining 75 per cent attend only when it suits them. The employees of the Head Office always remain perturbed regarding postings in the Examination Department and in the Verification Branch of the University.
A big fraud was found in the case of A4 size papers. Around 10 lakh rupees of A4 size papers were bought and the payment was also made, but there was no sign of any such papers in the Head Office of the University though the quantity of the papers should have been equal to more than one truck. It is also been said that an employee who has already spent time in jail on charges of various irregularities has been employed again as the store-keeper of the University press. Pipelines are being set up in the University campus to supply water to the hostels and the employee residences, but this work has been given to some non-technical workers. Apart from all these, there are dozens of such cases in which the University has been taken to task by the High Court and the Government. Despite this, the active mafia system of Magadh University is cheating the University and the Government by breaking the rules and regulations with impunity.


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