There is an all round euphoria created by the Sangh Parivar that Narendra Modi is becoming Prime Minister with a large majority. First of all, this claim doesn’t meet any yardstick of calculation, considering the seats in different States and the total number of seats being contested by the BJP. However elections are always are unpredictable and it is quite possible that the BJP gets a good number of seats. There are two problems which need to be understood. First of all the current BJP under Narendra Modi isn’t the BJP  created by the RSS, which had discipline, dedication, seriousness, responsibility. This is jingoism. You are giving leadership to a person and he is giving tickets and cutting tickets at his will. There is no collective responsibility and the RSS, much to its regret, or which will be a regret ten years later, has lost control of the BJP. It may be not a bad thing for the country because then the BJP will become another party like any other party — forget the sanskars and the nationalism etc. Another strange thing is and which is very serious — it’s foreigners who are very happy that Narendra Modi is coming to power. I read an American banker saying that the rupee-dollar will come to 40 rupees if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister. I don’t know – are they going to start printing dollars in India? How will it come from 60 rupees to 40 rupees. Their logic is that a large amount of foreign money will come into India, thereby changing the balance. First of all this is not likely to happen. Suppose it happens — is it a good thing?  Do we need such a large influx of foreign money? Is it good for your country? Unfortunately, business people think of only money and business. They don’t think of the country. For Indians like us India is a nation — a proud nation of 5000 years. For America, India is a market and is a big market. They don’t care for your nationhood. And this party which prides itself on its nationalism, the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Vedas is also falling prey to the American lure of money. In 1947 when India became Independent, America offered a very generous amount to India in exchange for a military base. Jawaharlal Nehru understood. This isn’t for what India has fought for freedom. If you want to invite America then what was wrong with the UK? The King had already ruled in India. After such a struggle you throw them out and now you want to bring America in. Pakistan gave them the base and that’s why America always tilted towards Pakistan and India made friends with Russia. All that is history. Now what will happen? Now a simple thing will happen. If America is allowed to have its policy advice and the Indian Government is such that it is amenable to the advice, they would like to break up India. They would like India to be under strife. They would like India to be subjugated to them. Of course they will give plenty of money because they have given money to all the countries. Look at the countries they have given  money to — none of those countries became big because  that is not America’s aim. They want the country to be under them, to be part of their empire. Has anybody in the BJP given thought to all this?  The Prime Ministerial candidate, at least  in the last 6  months since  he has been nominated  to be the Prime Ministerial candidate, I have not read  a single interview office of his. He could have given it to a paper of his choice, to that I have no objection. In the question answer form he should tell us what he stands for, what kind of an India he wants to make?  Forget what Congress has done for 10 years.  And we will not agree with him, that everything is good. You tell us now when you come to power what kind of India you want to develop in the 5 years for which you will be elected. You want a proud Independent India to stand in a   comity of nations or you want a tail wagging India asking for a little money here and a little money there and making both ends meet. In 1991 the economy was liberalised. Then Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister. That time the economy was of 300 billion. Today it is 1.8 trillion so the total growth in 22 years or 23 years  has been six times, okay, in which time a lot of Governments came including NDA, Atalji, everybody. Six times you have grown in 23 years and how much have you borrowed in the same period? 37 times is it? Is that efficiency?  Will Western countries agree to this? To grow 6 times you borrow 37 times? Of course you can explain — in Bombay a small metro is being built for 3 thousand crore. Who is paying attention to all these things? We just want to copy foreign countries — we will look like monkeys shortly.  We must look into our own figures, our own country, what we really need and what BJP used to originally stand for. But I think in a hurry to come to power they have given up all their beliefs and sanskars and now they are giving up their leaders. All the loyal big leaders have been denied tickets because everybody has to be junior to Modi otherwise how will Modi rule. Well the public is the public and I hope a wiser sense will prevail  and disaster  will not happen but if it happens then that let us try to do the best  we can wherever we are placed in  life. Lets watch in the next few weeks.


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