Lara on a new Trip

Lara Dutta admits that she has come a long way and feels excited about her new role as a producer. Her production house ‘Bheegi Basanti Productions’ has been her brainchild. She explains that the name reflects her love for Bollywood and ‘Basanti’ of ‘Sholay’. The first product of the company, ‘Chalo Dilli’ was a success, to count one. Her vision for ‘Bheegi Basanti Productions’ is to bring enjoyable and unconventional cinema that would receive appreciation from the masses and as well as the classes. She says that her experience with the film has been exciting, exhausting, entertaining, enlightening and thoroughly satisfying, as she was associated with the film not just as a producer but she had played the lead character also. She is focusing on producing more films in the future. For some time she will remain off the screen, but will actively participate in production.


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