Lal Bahadur Shastri Dumped By The Government

It seems that the Government is neither interested in remembering Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of the country, nor in protecting his values and also not interested in paying to him the respect and honour that he deserves. Indeed, in today’s atmosphere, why would Congresspersons remember Lal Bahadur Shastri, who led a simple lifestyle? The truth is that his personality holds up a mirror for Congressperson. A man who during his tenure as the Prime Minister led a life of great sincerity and who on the basis of fundamental responsibility resigned from his Ministerial post, this type of personality has never been an ideal one for the present political leaders and will never become an ideal one for them. That is why every possible effort is being made to forget this ‘Dharti ke Lal’ (Son of the Soil) and also to destroy the qualities and heritage related to him. Lal Bahadur Shastri shares his birthday with Gandhiji, so people mistakenly remember him. But in this era of obsequiousness, attempts have been made to keep the stature of Shastriji shorter than the stature of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Several arrangements are made in the birth anniversary or death anniversary of any member of Gandhi-Nehru family, but Shastriji is only remembered in passing, so that no one can say anything.
The members of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Seva Samiti, on 2 October, erected the statue of Shastriji overnight in the Central Colony in Mughalsarai, the birth place of Shastriji. The Divisional Railway Manager, Anup Kumar immediately filed a FIR against the unknown persons for erecting the statue on the land of the Railway Department without permission. If the Government and the local administration would have shown interest in protecting the birthplace of Shastriji, then this wouldn’t had happened. To stay in the lime light, political parties gives assurances and also make accusations against each other, but no one talks about the real work. That is why this time the members of the Committee became depressed and took the responsibility on their shoulders to erect the statue, although the land belongs to the Railway Department, and to erect a statue without permission is a federal offense. Despite this, they erected the statue of Shastriji to protest against the neglect of his birth place and also said that they are ready to face the consequences.
This is not the case only with his birth place; the Government is also not interested in saving the documents related to his education and life. When Chauthi Duniya started collecting information about his education from the related organisations to confirm his birthday (whether on October 2 or July 8), then some astonishing facts came forward. One of these is his Transfer Certificate (TC), in which his date of birth was mentioned as 8 July, 1903. The actual copy of the TC is preserved in the Railway Primary School, but documents related to him in the Harishchandra Inter College, Varanasi were destroyed by termites and the Government was not aware of it. The same was the case at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith from where he got the title ‘Shastri.’ There also we didn’t find any documents related to him. How did the birthday of Shastriji change from July 8 to October 2? We haven’t found the answer to this question, but it is confirmed that Shastriji is being ignored. It is very easy for the Government to forget Shastriji. Even though the stature of Shastriji is shorter than Gandhiji, his stature is not so short that he should be ignored. Shastriji’s stature was always high in terms of personality and ideals. It is high and will remain high. The people of the country who are affected with ‘corruption’ are in dire need of his ideals and values. In today’s era every leader should meet the criterion of Shastriji, otherwise no one can stop the downfall of moral values of this country.


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