kareena-talks-about-romanceKareena Kapoor has locked lips on screen, and she has portrayed passionate romantic scenes in her various films. But she says she experienced a different “romance” while filming Prakash Jha’s ‘Satyagraha’, in which she is paired with Ajay Devgn. In the socio-political film Kareena plays a de-glamourised role of a journalist. She admits it was a unique experience for her. “When I was offered the part, it was exciting that I had been offered it considering that I had mostly done roles which were slightly romantic, with the song-and-dance,” Kareena said. “But yes, there’s even a romantic song in the film, and there is a bit of the holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes that’s the ‘romance’ in this film and yes, there’s a romantic song in a Prakash Jha film,” she added in a humorous vein. A romantic track, “Raske bhare tore nain” has been picturised on Ajay and Kareena for the film, and their chemistry is convincing.


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