Jay Shah’s company’s growth: A routine investigation at least is warranted

By Santosh Bhartiya

The recent affairs associated the BJP President Amit Shah are instructive of many things. They are instructive in that when you point a finger towards somebody, four of your fingers are pointed back to you, and sometimes they posed unavoidable questions which are of shady nature. Presently, the business class is reeling under the blow of demonetization and the GST, and the growth rate has gone down considerably. The senior party leader and finance minister had hitherto maintained different line on the growth rate, now he changed his stand and posed a counter question: hadn’t growth rate gone down earlier? As per the foreign economists the current growth rate of 5.7 may further aggravate and plunge to as low a mark as 4.3, incurring a net loss of approximately 1.5 lakh crores to the exchequer, which in fact is the loss of the poor who exchanged their money standing in queues. These were the people who took prime minister’s exhortation on face value and considered their ordeal as the service to the nation. If the business community in Surat observed a 28-day-long strike and if the traders write inventive slogans on receipts, then it must be time taken cognizance of their sufferings and a lesson must be learnt from that.

The BJP and its President have, as of now, maintained that “the people of the country are thieves”. As if they have rendered the Congress or other opposition parties as spotless, while the businessmen, those who voted them, the taxpayers, and people from salaried class are thieves. It is unknown as to what benefit the government extracted from the kind of rules it formulated, but it is clear that those government departments whose 90 per cent of tax money spend on their salaries were of course benefited. Apart from them the ministers who help their friends to bring their money in currency were benefited; the people who stacked black money, who got fake currency notes and who amassed immense wealth have benefited. They easily converted their black money and fake currency into white and genuine notes. Now it sounds ludicrous when the government says that a number of companies run on black money will be forced to shut down. It is ludicrous because if the same yardstick is not applied to Amit Shah’s son, then one must believe that the government and law imposing agencies are all involve in deceiving the people.


The biggest question as to why Railway Minister Piyush Goyal rush in to call a press conference to defend Jay Shah? Is Jay Shah part of government or is he an independent businessman, who through some magical formula managed to amass an astronomical growth of 16,000 times in his wealth? Every business man in the country seeks to know that formula, but Jay Shah is silent. Amit Shah is the President of the BJP. Had he been facing the charges, no one would have questioned Piyush Goyal’s defense. But, it is beyond anyone as to why he rushed in for Jay Shah? The Home Minister Rajnath Singh, on his part pronounced, without wasting time, that the issue does not deserve an investigation. If it does not, then which issue is worthwhile for investigation, Rajnath ji? In a way you paint people of the country with the same brush and line them up with the thieves, and your government facilitated a slowed down. The country is veering towards a recession and yet you say that the recession is beyond the horizon. How long will you tell a lie and defend the indefensible? You should not have said that there is no need to investigate this issue. Had this statement been issued by the finance minister, then that would have made sense.  How could the Home Minister come out with a statement related to financial matter? It seems that the entire government has stood up to save Amit Shah’s son.

There would not have been a bigger assertion, had Amit Shah claimed in a press conference that his son can never indulge in a wrongdoing. “I am a Rajya Sabha member. I am the president of the BJP. How anyone can level allegation against my son?” The manifest one-upmanship, the dictator-like mannerism and undue love for a son suggest that the BJP has forgotten the basic lesson of the democracy. When we are in public gaze, our clothes, our language and our mannerism must conform to the democratic values, or we just want to tell the country that though we invoke the name of democracy, but we are not a democracy; it is a dictatorship in the guise of democracy. If this is the case, then you should make it public. I am afraid you don’t have gumption to declare that dictatorship not democracy is what needed for the country and that too of Amit Shah’s own definition. If you have the courage to say this, then say it.

God must be smiling somewhere when Amit Shah was implicating everybody in the country. That is why journalist Rohini Singh tumbled upon the charismatic fact that a company (owned by Jay Shah) increased its profit by 16,000 times in year. To get this astronomical figure there must be some wonderful business formulas? Now as a matter of principle you should allow your son to let the people of the country know those formulas. I do not know whether this small wish of the people of the country will ever be realized. When the BJP President speaks in this tone that his son can never indulge in wrongdoing, then there is nothing left to talk about the issue any further. No matter how much noise you make, the people of the country have come to believe – as if through divine intervention – as to how rules are manipulated to increase the property and how the government is shamelessly make all-out efforts to cover up those manipulation.

Dattatreya Hosabale is one of the most senior leaders of the current lot of the RSS leaders. Perhaps he will be the next Sarkaryavahak of the organization. He says that the charges against Jay Shah should be investigated. It is a welcome statement, though Amit Shah and the government stood their ground and refused any enquiry into the matter.  This shows that the RSS believes in fairness, while the government does not. If those who talk about Ram Rajya should have followed even a minuscule of the ideals of Lord Ram, then they may have start gaining confidence of the people. It was Lord Ram who asked her wife – despite knowing the fact that she was innocent – to go through agnipariksha on the accusation by a washerman, but the champion of the Ramrajaya who long to build a Ram temple and raise the slogan of “Jai Shri Rama” are so averse to even a routine investigation not to speak of going through the agnipriksha. If they are afraid to face a routine investigation, then it should be assumed that there is something shadier about it. I commend Dattatreya Hosabale for his courage and for bringing RSS’s reasonableness to the people of the country.



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