Is Jacqueline Fernandez the real reason behind the break-up of Alia and Sidharth?

aliaSo Alia Bhatt and SidharthMalhotra’s break up has got the limelite and everyone is talking. Well at the time they were so engaged to each other that any one can say them a nice couple. The reason for their separation is seems to be of Sidharth’s growing fondness for Jacqueline Fernandez and how it almost felt like Sid was cheating on Alia with Jacqueline. But guess there’s an all other reason for this breakup story.

Any which way the reason for their separation must not be Jacqueline for sure but certainly Alia’s ex-boyfriend Ali Dadarkar. Few days back we all have seen him with her on Alia’sInstagram story. If sources are to be believed true then the two were together before Alia made her way into Bollywood. Despite their breakup they continued to remain as friends, pretty likely to be just a get together of friends, moreover it might not be a coincidence that Ali has come back to Ali’s life that went wrong during her relationship with Sidharth.

Even Alia reacted on this, she said, “I didn’t know about that at all. Such talks (about break-up) started even before I travelled to Patiala (for her ongoingRaazi). Yes, all’s good with me (smiles). And as I said, I am good with my films and all. As for break-up talks, I think I will never stop being part of those conversations (laughs). But hopefully, for some time, there will be no ‘break-up’, ‘make-up’ or ‘link-up’ for me as I only want to think about Raazi and my other films.”

So in conclusion, what do you think Jacqueline wasn’t there I guess, so she must not be the reason for their breakup.


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