India's Security Apparatus Needs Serious Restructing

The recent bomb blasts in Bengaluru are again a reminder to us that our security forces are not doing their job properly. It is common knowledge that there are sleeper cells of terrorists from across the border in various parts of the country. In Mumbai alone, there are more than twenty or thirty sleeper cells. The local police are in the know but whether they know the location, whether they have the mandate to destroy these sleeper cells, we don’t know. These are secrets which the police will not divulge.  But the fact is that we have a Cabinet Committee on Security, we have a National Security Council, we have a National Security Advisor. All these posts and committees are not for nothing. They have to seriously apply their mind to safeguard the country,  not as a reaction to any bomb blast that happens then of course they will  take action  the question is to prevent these bomb blasts and adopt a twin strategy. One has to be a concerted attempt to dig out the sleeper cells and destroy them by arresting the people. The second is to activate RAW and IB to activate our cells across the border. In diplomatic parlance one has to go on denying these things. But no neighbouring countries in the world take the matter as casually as we take it.  We are a poor country,  we are spending heavily on defense and paramilitary forces and our RAW and IB and yet we are not making full use of them. The CBI, which was meant for corrupt Government servants is now being used most of all   wherever there is no ‘fizz’ in the state police they transfer the case to the CBI. We have burdened them so much with work which is not really in their domain that they are not able to do the real job properly. It is high time the Cabinet Committee on Security and the National Security Council met over one or two full days and do serious restructuring of the security apparatus. Our usual political answer will be : even in Boston, America, there was a bomb blast. We must remember that this is the first time a blast has taken place after 12 years, after 9/11 this is the first time a blast has taken place there. I am sure that with their intelligence network they will nab the miscreants within no time. That is not the case in India. Here, periodically every few months, the terrorists test our patience or they show their cowardice by killing innocent people sometime in Jaipur, sometime in Pune, sometime in Bengaluru, sometime in Hyderabad and this will go on unless the Government and the Home Minister in particular shows that he means business. The current Home Minister, of course, is another story. He makes statements which are very casual and do not behove a Home Minister. The Prime Minister should appoint a strict Home Minister, if necessary from outside the Cabinet, like Digvijaya Singh,  other people who have shown proof of skills of administration, who have shown that they can administer a State peacefully for ten years . I do not know what is the compulsion in not using the available talent to its full extent. After all, this is a matter that concerns the country,  not a particular party or individual, or a group within a party. It is not a partisan matter at all. It is a non-partisan matter. The nation’s interest is there. I am sure that if steps are taken  even the Opposition parties will cooperate with the Government. The earlier the Prime Minister takes this up this matter seriously, the better for all of us.


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