India’s Future Depends On A Question Of Courage

Truly amazing things are happening. The CBI submits a status report to the Supreme Court which is linked to the Rs. 26 lakh crores coal scam. When this scam was first exposed and we were the first in the country to publish it, nobody paid attention to it. Perhaps the reason for this was that the links of Opposition parties also pass through or by the doors of this scam. But when this scam became a matter of discussion and an issue of debate after the CAG report, in which the CAG mentioned a loss of Rs. One lakh 76 thousand crore rupees, then an attack began on the very institution of the CAG. It is worth mentioning that this attack was made by the  Government of India’s Information Minister, Manish Tiwari. The Prime Minister said at that time  that if even if a tiny splash comes on me, I will take ‘sanyas’ ( retirement ) from public life. And now the CBI report in the Supreme Court is saying that between 2006 to 2009,  huge irregularities in the allocations of coal blocks took place in the Ministry of Coal which can be called a  scam and at that time the Minister for Coal in the Government of India was Manmohan Singh. As Prime Minister, the Ministry of Coal was with him and on every file, as the Minister of Coal, the Prime Minister had signed.
But how can the Prime Minister remember his words, because all the political parties including the Prime Minister have forgotten the responsibility of remembering what they said. In the name of the Opposition there is the Bharatiya Janata Party and whoever is not in the Congress is in the Opposition, but nobody remembered the statements that had been made and nobody considered the report submitted by the CBI  to the Supreme Court worth discussing. Indeed, why would they? In Bihar, 20 lakh fake job cards are found on which MGNREGA payments are made. How does all this happen ? The  Central Government sends the money, the management is done by the State Government. The 20 lakh fake job cards are those which were caught by chance as it were. This means that on these 20 lakh fake job cards twenty billion rupees went into the pockets of some people. The rupees, the money was paid, but the job cards are fake, so then where did the money go – there is silence on this. There is silence in the whole of Bihar. That is why leaders connected with Bihar are not raising questions about the centre. If 20 lakh fake job card were caught in Bihar then it is obvious that the situation must be the same in almost all the other States. It is a matter of regret that this was that money with which attempts could have been made to improve the fortunes of  poor people in India. Now, there is  no hope at all left of prosperity in the life of 80 per cent of the people in India. All the hopes of prosperity and well being are visible only for 10 per cent of the people, and the remaining 80 to 90 per cent of the people are standing far away, watching the ‘tamasha’. This ‘tamasha’ can become a dangerous trap for the country but no effort is being to stop this destructive tamasha by either the parties in power or by those sitting in the Opposition.

The fact is that that the number of members of all the political parties put together is not even five crore, but the people of the country are 120 crore. Now these 120 crore people have to think whether they will be able to muster the courage to stand up before the five crore people or not?

A scam can take place in the economic package given by the Prime Minister because of farmers suicides, but the Prime Minister is not bothered about it, doesn’t care about it. When the present Prime Minister was the Finance Minister,  there was a scam of 5 thousand crore rupees by foreign banks and that money went out of the country and the then Finance Minister compensated for the loss from the earnings of the poor people of India, but no action was taken against the banks. Once again, the three major foreign banks in India have allegedly been caught in a new scandal, a new scam. The Reserve Bank has issued a notice to them, but is that enough? Should it not be assessed whether action was taken or not when in 1992 -93,  foreign banks perpetrated a Rs. 5 thousand crore scam? It can be said that when there are no street protests over something, why should the Government worry ? Protests and opposition take place in Parliament and the way that opposition is done is not to allow Parliament to function. It suits both. It is beneficial for the ruling party and the Opposition as well. It is beneficial for the ruling party because its scams do not come before the country fully. And it is beneficial for the Opposition because its share, its part in the scams does not come out or become apparent either. The sloth of the Opposition does not come out or become apparent. Create an uproar in Parliament, together dislocate the proceedings of Parliament and bring them to an abrupt end.
I am making a charge, that it gets known in advance in the Central Hall of Parliament whether the House will function today or not, because the Parliamentary Affairs Minister and the leader of the Opposition decide in advance that today the House proceedings will not be allowed or otherwise. But the question is whether all this is not having an effect on democracy in the country? The system of democracy in the country is being honoured because we still believe that democracy is the path to faith and development and is the essence of brotherhood. But today democracy has become the biggest weapon for maintaining corruption. It has become the biggest instrument to tide over or avoid anything. The name of democracy is being used by Governments and the Opposition parties to make life Hell for the people. In a democracy, if the problems of the people are not solved, it is but natural and logical for the faith of the people to be lifted away from democracy.
But the question is : is there something wrong in or with democracy or is there something wrong with the people who are running that democracy? I believe that all the political parties who are running this democracy are responsible. They have made a mockery of the democratic system. Almost all the parties, bereft of workers, are steeped in  nepotism and obsessed with family leadership. Where there is no family leadership, there is dictatorship. Internal democracy in every party has come to an end. Still, one or two Leftist parties have been able to avoid this disease, but for how long they will be able to do so cannot be said. And this situation is creating doubts in the minds of the people of India about democracy. These doubts are coming in useful for coining and fashioning new phrases. Some people are saying that the British who at least gave us a system were better than this, but our people put that system to use for sucking our blood. Some people are saying that the army should be given power, because all the people who come to power in a democracy,  in the name of the people, they cut the throats of the people with all their skills and resources. A school of thought is prevailing that the people should take over governance in their respective areas and people should form local Governments.
And the remaining people, who have neither the employment opportunities and no likelihood of getting them, they have started standing on the roadside between 6 p.m.  till 8 p.m. with a Rs. 250 pistol in their hands, thinking that it is easier to commit highway robberies of Rs. 250, Rs. 300. Slowly this route is moving towards anarchy. The credibility of the police is getting eroded. Most people believe that do anything immoral, just bribe the police, and escape from the arms of the law. If a deal cannot be made with the police,  then where judicial decisions are made, deals can be struck there too. This  is what many people believe. In many areas, it is also said that go in for five bighas of sugarcane cultivation, put the money earned from that aside, then commit a murder and be let off by the court. All these things are coming before one because our politicians have made a mockery of democracy and the entire administration. To amass things for themselves, whether in the country or abroad, they use the name of democracy. They forget what kind of consequences they will have to suffer if the people stand up.
Actually, their belief that nothing can be done to them is not irrational, because where indeed are the people standing up? The people who should stand up and be roaring aloud their miseries, are crouching in their homes like mice. This helpless public, divided on questions of creed and caste, religion, and language is standing behind those very leaders who are dividing them in this way and filling their homes and by bringing their relatives into politics are strengthening the definition of dynastic politics. During the time of elections, the public begins applauding and clapping because of some money. Elections in the States are coming. After that there will be the Lok Sabha elections. The public is demoralised, unable to describe or narrate the reasons for its problems and miseries to political parties. What can be done?
Various possibilities can be seen, but they can be meaningful only if the public uses democracy for its own good and puts pressure on the political parties in an organised, united manner. If the public does not put pressure, it should be taken to mean that we people still want to suffer some more. We want to see more anarchy, chaos and suicides and we will continue to endure such people who are corrupt, do not have any road map of the country before them, who want to keep the country like a puppet, want to put the common people in jail and roam outside themselves. If the situation remains so, in this country of 120 crore people, anarchy will spread, there will be opposition and there will be rebellion too. This possibility in India can be seen by every person who is sensitive, who is familiar with the conditions of the people. People may be of any creed, any caste, any religion, but they never tolerate beyond a limit. Politicians are unable to comprehend this message at the moment, but perhaps the time will come when this message will reach the politicians. At that time, it may be possible to see a strange spectacle in which all the political parties of the country will be on one side and the Indian public will be on one side. The fact is that that the number of members of all the political parties put together is not even five crore, but the people of the country are 120 crore. Now these 120 crore people have to think whether they will be able to muster the courage to stand up before the five crore people or not? If they can muster up the courage,  they will improve their own fortunes, their own kismet, and if they are not able to muster up the courage, then servility before five crore people will be done by 120 crore people for the next few years.


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