Indian Sports Stars and Models/Actresses : Defining Relationships

indian-sports-stars-and-modThe world was recently shocked by the possible ending of what the BBC described as “one of South Africa’s most beautiful stories”? The nation and the world were in  shock and disbelief as news spreads that the state intends to argue that the killing of model Reeva Steenkamp at the home of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, famed as the “Blade Runner” because he ran on specially designed artificial legs,  was “premeditated murder”. Pistorius  has vehemently denied the charge but many wanted to know exactly how a young woman was shot dead in her boyfriend’s house on what was supposed to be the most romantic day of the year in the West — Valentine’s Day. However, it could take months for the truth to emerge. In India, several sports stars have been linked to and are in relationships with glamorous models and Bollywood actresses, Happily, these relationships have evoked interest, not shock. Lets take a look at some of them.


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