Indian Film Industry Lacks Technicians: Shah Rukh Khan

indian-film-industry-lacks-Shah Rukh Khan, who set new benchmarks in Indian cinema with the use of new technology in ‘Ra.One’, says he would love to do ‘Ra.One 2’, but that could take time as the country lacks trained technicians. He says technology and equipment alone aren’t enough to make a technologically high-end film. “We have the latest technology and the equipment, but we lack trained technicians. For ‘Ra.One’, we had hired 50 foreign-trained technicians. I would love to work in ‘Ra.One 2’, but it’s not easy. For a film with a different genre like ‘Ra.One’, I’ll need at least two to three years for preparation,” Shah Rukh said. ‘Ra.One’, released in 2011, was an ambitious Rs.150-crore ($30 million) project high on world class VFX. It reportedly had 3,500 VFX shots and Shah Rukh had collaborated with Jeffrey Kleiser, co-founder of US-based Synthesian Studios, to supervise the work done by SRK’s Red Chillies VFX team.


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