In Future Elections Discourse Must Improve

The elections are about to end. The result will be out on 16 May. The results are as usual unpredictable and it does not matter who wins and who rules, because that is the decision of the electorate and everybody must honour that. However, the disappointing fact is those who are aspiring to come to power, their own behaviour, conduct and language leaves much to be desired. They are not inspiring personalities. Take Narendra Modi first. He has openly created a personality cult. He does not ask for votes for the BJP or for the values of the BJP. He says give me the vote and I will give you governance. Ok, let us accept that. But, what does he do? He says, I will give you a Congress mukt Bharat. Does he know what he is talking? What is Congress mukt? There has to be a party or he will kill all the Congressmen when he will come to power, what he is going to do? He can say I will oust the Congress from power, that is what elections are meant for. Congress mukt Bharat means what?
And then the irony is that he goes to file his nomination in Varanasi and first garlands the statue of Madan Mohan Malviya. Who was he? He was a Congressman from the freedom struggle. I think people like Narendra Modi have not even understood what Indian democracy stands for. He is running Gujarat for the last 10 – 13 years. Another thing he says, ‘I believe in minimum Government and maximum governance’. Ok. Tell us, in Gujarat what is the Government you reduced? Can a ration card be issued in three days? If I go and shift to Ahmedabad, can I get my driving license in one day? These are normal things available to people in western countries and can be available here also. But, because of rampant corruption, it is not possible. If he says I made things easier for Tata’s Nano car it does not help the common man, it is between him and Ratan Tata and Mamata Banerjee.
The common man wants to know is the inflation less in Gujarat, are vegetables available at lower prices. Ok, that will not mean in hand but minimum Government can be in hand. Have you reduced the size of the bureaucracy, at least at the lower level where the public has to meet them? He has nothing to show on record. Hype is there and his is good luck is that the Congress is in a bad position. Due to various scams the Congress reputation is at the lowest since independence which is a sad thing for the Congress party. But, if we really have a situation where the Congress party disappears, that will be a sad thing for the country. The country needs at least 2 or 3 parties which are strong, which can keep the other parties in check. A one party rule is disastrous, whether it is of the Congress or the BJP. And one person rule is even more disastrous. Indira Gandhi today is more remembered for her dictatorial ways and the corruption she introduced rather than the Bangladesh victory. Why? People do not like the personality cult, though Indira Gandhi was definitely a very competent and a very able Prime Minister that this country has had. Narendra Modi is trying to style himself like Indira Gandhi though he doesn’t want take her name and at the same time he wants Congress mukt Bharat. Then, he goes to Patna and talks about Alexander and Taxila. Obviously, he has not studied history or geography.
A person who wants to rule India, which means one seventh of the world’s population, a person who wants to rule over and represent one seventh of the world’s population must get his facts better, must have an overall world view. You will have to give reservations to the Dalits, to the backward classes, you have to look after the minorities. Nothing much can change. Yes, the one thing which can change, you should say I will give you a corruption free Government, which is a big thing if he can do it. But instead of that he wants to give Congress mukt Bharat. I do not think he got his facts right. We can only say if actually a BJP lead Government or Narendra Modi led Government comes to power, we can only hope that better sense will prevail and they will get down to constructive business. Earlier he used to say about Robert Vadra that the law will take its own course and now he says I will take revenge. After 20 days I will take account of every penny. From whom, what penny is he talking about? His own treasurer or his own party I have no objection, but he is talking about the country. I do not think he has got his action right and may be his own ground feedback is not very good. That is why I am getting jittery. One statement from Priyanka Gandhi and the entire BJP has got jittery. I do not understand it. This is not how a mature democracy like India should function. From 1952 to now, it is now 62 years. 62 years of elections you have been having. I think we must mature. These elections are almost over. Before the next elections, we must have rules in place where you conduct an election in a civilised manner. In any tennis match final or an election one will lose, one will win. That should not matter. Even the person who loses sits on the opposition benches. It is going to happen now. I wish that better sense prevails and those who aspire to lead the country will improve the discourse in future elections and use better language.


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