Imran's to play 'Tapori'

Imran is going to play a Tapori (street-smart thug) in the sequel to ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ (2010) scheduled to be released next year. He is researching and working hard to perform better than Aamir in ‘Rangeela’. For the perfect looks, Imran is sending his dress stylists out on Mumbai’s streets to figure out perfectly how a thug dresses. Imran Khan is in search of a real thug to understand his behaviour and body language. He also plans to meet people from the underworld as part of the preparation. Imran describes Milan Luthria film as his first action feature film, and he would not leave any stone unturned to perfect the character. It looks as if Imran is working in the same style as Aamir, though he has always been denying the fact that he follows in the footsteps of uncle Aamir.


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