Impossible Spectra First Edition Camera offers fully automated operation

impossible-spectra-first-edWith most kids these days in possession of a smartphone (they tend to see featurephones as relics from the past), it is no wonder that they have not heard of this thing called the Polaroid camera before. Instant photographs, and having to wait in order to develop photos in a place called the “dark room” from a thing called “film”? That might be a bit too much for them to take in, as they are so used with wirelessly transmitting photos from their smartphones to the cloud, and storing all of them in a digital format. Well, the Impossible Spectra First Edition Camera brings a bout of nostalgia as it comes in the form of a refurbished Polaroid Spectra Camera. It will boast of a focus-free lens and fully-automated operation, and even better news is, it will feature a newly manufactured film that will play nice with the Impossible Spectra First Edition Camera. The Impossible Project purchased the last Polaroid production plant in the world, producing new film products for the thousands of operational Polaroid cameras that are still out there, somewhere. With the Impossible Spectra First Edition Camera, you would end up with a randomly selected Spectra System, Spectra SE, Spectra AF, Spectra QPS, Spectra 1st Edition or a 1200 Si Polaroid camera.
Price: Rs 9300.


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