Impossible Instant Lab makes instant photos possible

impossible-instant-lab-makeOur smartphones these days do come with plenty of functions, and one of the more important aspects of any smartphone would be its capability to be able to capture great looking photos that are good enough to be used in family photo albums. The thing is, archiving all of those photos can be quite a tough job, and sometimes, you just want to print out some of the photos as a memory or physical keepsake. Since we are all living in an extremely mobile and portable environment these days, the Impossible Instant Lab might seem to be the perfect addition to your arsenal of portable devices.
With the Impossible Instant Lab, you will be able to transform your digital images into actual photographs, and it will play nice with all iPhones from the iPhone 4 or newer, as well as the fourth and fifth generations of the iPod touch. Basically, this bad boy will be able to take a photo from your compatible iPhone or iPod touch, and print them out on the spot within seconds. This is made possible thanks to the micro-processor-controlled film processing unit, and it can be used with any Impossible film, whether in color or black and white. The film pack itself does not need any kind of integrated battery, and it will juice up via USB.
Price: Rs 18600.


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