Impasse in Parliament Finding a Way Out

The CAG reports contain findings by an independent authority and cannot be the subject matter of any debate. The Government of the day may agree or disagree with the findings. But the findings cannot be the subject of a Parliamentary debate and voted as approved or disapproved. That is not the theme of the Constitution and it will not be legal if the Congress tries to do it. The Congress Party is desperate to have a discussion on the report and dilute the results of the report. It is good that the BJP is not falling into this trap. The Congress’s arguments are becoming more and more absurd. One of their arguments is that the BJP is running away from the debate because some of their Chief Ministers have also opposed the auction idea. What does that mean? Suppose the Congress Party Chief Ministers and the BJP Chief Ministers, both of them decide to do an illegal thing, then it becomes legal!  It will remain illegal. There are other parties in the country and the country’s population is large. The BJP and the Congress cannot divide the entire country between themselves. It is an absurd idea. The Congress Party is forgiving the Leftists as they have been defeated for the time being in Bengal and in Kerala but that does not mean the end of journey for them. The large masses of poor people in the country who are deprived of the fruits of proper reforms still have sympathy with the Left. Moreover, in West Bengal the present Government is not in agreement with the Congress as far as the CAG report is concerned. Another argument given by the people who were debating the CAG report and the coal scam was that the auctions were started in 2003.
I do not know why you should check out historical records. The value of the blocks has increased many folds  and anybody who stays in Mumbai or who is in touch with corporate circles knows the real value of each block runs into hundreds of crores for the number of blocks given on an ad hoc basis. The money collected will run into thousands of crores. It is obvious that the people who have collected this money know this fact and therefore they are rigid and don’t want to take any action. If the Congress is serious about finding a way out of the Parliamentary impasse the first thing they should do is to cancel the 142 blocks immediately and they should go in for an open discussion with the BJP. Cancelling the blocks doesn’t solve the problem but at least it is a starting point.  Today I have seen a statement from a senior Congress leader that the question of consultation does not arise. The CAG figures are all wrong and CAG has got political ambitions. Is it a crime to have political ambition in our country? Is politics and ruling the country reserved for the people of the Congress party? We are going into a very dangerous area.
It was seen during the Emergency that Mrs. Indira Gandhi was bold enough to take measures in her own name and save the Congress politically, which she did after 19 months. Here in India just now, this government wants to shadow box. No one wants to take the responsibility. The Prime Minister doesn’t say that he authorised the auctions – the Coal Ministry was under him — but he doesn’t say that he took the decisions. Nobody is worrying about what has happened. It is a very strange way of running a Government and we should always keep in mind that if elections are held they cannot win and that is their worry. I only hope that the BJP has got courage enough to stick to their decision though theirs is a dubious role. Every day, the time of Parliament is being wasted as if Parliament is a debating society whose only job is to go on approving all the illegal deeds of the Government. So what if Parliament does not meet? Parliament is not a debating society — Parliament is responsible to the people. The BJP is absolutely right.
Definitely the Prime Minister should resign. But till steps are taken to right the wrong,
Parliament should not debate, Parliament should not meet and the CAG report should be not be debated at all. Under Parliamentary procedure, the CAG report should be referred to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). By nature, by convention, the PAC and other committees of the Parliament are mandated to give reports which are independent. The findings will be serious but the PAC report will not be as harsh as the CAG report. To be very clear the scheme of the Congress is to destroy the parliamentary system. One must remind them that they are not Indira Gandhi. They will not be able to do it.


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