iConvert Scanner for iPad from Brookstone

The iConvert scanner simply allows you to dock your iPad, feed your pictures, legal documents, receipts straight in to the device and have them converted and saved directly for e-mailing, posting and printing. After slotting an iPad (1 or 2) into the dock on the top of the device and starting the iConvert app, documents fed into the front feeder slot can be scanned and appear instantly on the iPad’s display to be saved as JPEGs in the device’s photo library. It is small in size, easily portable and quite handy. iConvert Scanner turns hard copies into digital documents on an iPad. The iConvert’s feeder slot can take documents from 2 to 8.5 inches (5 to 21.6 cm) in width and scan them at up to 300 dpi resolution. The iConvert app will be available as a free download from the App Store. Its market price is Rs. 8110.


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