Bureaucrats Enjoy Unbridled Power

bureaucrates-enjoy-unbridleBureaucrats in Uttar Pradesh have managed to strengthen their roots in the Samajwadi Party (SP). May it be the SP Government or the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Government or the Government of any other party – Governments come and go — but the bureaucracy remains permanent. This is the reason that right from the guards till the Ministers, all of them look helpless before bureaucrats. It seems that the bureaucracy is no longer worried about the Government. Allegations that they are close to a particular party have been made against most of the bureaucrats, but these sort of allegations have proved to be more beneficial than harmful for them. They do their work though lobbying and no bureaucrat creates any trouble for another bureaucrat. It is the result of this lobbying that irrespective of any Government ruling the State, the bureaucrats seem to hold more power than the Government and their orders are usually fulfilled. Those bureaucrats close to the BSP enjoyed privileges during the time of the BSP Government while the ones close to the SP are now also enjoying special privileges.
There are a few bureaucrats who are experts in going all the way with the help of a balancing act. The benefit they derive from this is that even if a Government changes, it does not have any impact on the status of the bureaucrats. It is the result of this well calculated strategy that the SP government, which had accused the BSP of being corrupt, followed in the footsteps of the BSP after they came into power and did not hesitate to promote officials with allegations against them to a higher post. The number of such bureaucrats who were alleged to have been with the BSP was by no means small and the mortification of not being able to sideline these bureaucrats can be easily seen on the faces of the leaders and the workers of the SP. This is harming the image of the SP which is not a good sign for the ruling Government. The SP may need to deliver some rapid blows to the bureaucracy very soon to save its image.
That the bureaucracy is not working properly has been voiced by SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav a number of times. The statement from Mulayam Singh Yadav and SP General Secretary Ram Gopal Yadav that tainted officers of the BSP cadre are hampering the image of the SP Government has been made several times, but no action has been taken. To be seen as helpless before these bureaucrats is not give a good sign for the democratic system of the country. IAS officer Chanchal Tewari, who has a deep relation with corruption, is seated as the Zonal Commissioner of Varanasi. Chanchal Tewari has been proved guilty in the Tronica city scam of 4600 crore rupees in investigations carried out by the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

The number of such bureaucrats who were alleged to have been with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was by no means small and the mortification of not being able to sideline these bureaucrats can be easily seen on the faces of the leaders and the workers of the Samajwadi Party (SP). This is harming the image of the SP which is not a good sign for the ruling Government.

One more IAS officer, Dhanlaxami has also been proved guilty in this scam. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) seized approximately 6.25 crore rupees during a raid made at his flat in Delhi. After this, the Enforcement Directorate lodged a case of money laundering against him. Where he should have been at this point of time is fairly easy to imagine, but contrary to expectations, he is the District Magistrate of Sultanpur! IAS officer Ravindra Nayak, who has already been suspended in a hotel allocation scam of approximately 4000 crore rupees, not only ‘restored’ himself with the help of his reach, but has benefited from the SP Government’s largesse  it has ‘put him over their heads’. There are numerous black marks on the name of Sanjay Agarwal who was involved in many scandals during his tenure as Chief Secretary, Health, in the BSP Government. He was also embroiled in the investigation of the CBI on the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scandal, but nothing happened to him. IAS officer Mahesh Gupta, who made defrauded the Excise Department of crores of rupees and was also close to liquor baron Ponty Chadha, was found guilty by the CBI. Charges are running in court against IAS officer Lalit Sharma in the case of disproportionate assets, architect of the Noida scandal IAS officer Rakesh Bahadur and Sanjeev Sharan. In the mean time investigations are going on against many other IAS officers including Fateh Bahadur Singh, Net Ram, Gurdeep Singh, Satyajit Thakur, Badal Chatterjee, Bhavnath, Anil Rajkumar and Hiralal Gupta on many serious issues.
IAS officers are so domineering that no one dares to expose their corruption before the public. The Governments bow down before them while the premier investigating agency, the CBI also becomes a dwarf in front of them. IAS officer Pradeep Shukla, who is another accused in the NRHM scandal, was let off because of the negligent attitude of the CBI, which is not a rare thing. CBI has not only been very supportive of the IAS officers but has also played a vital role in giving clean chits to many officers. An example of this is the case of IAS officer Vijay Shankar Pandey. This tainted officer is under CBI investigation in the weaving mills association scandal of 1100 crore rupees. But the CBI is so supportive that Vijay Shankar Pandey — the Managing Director of the association — filed the case in the name of some other unknown people instead of Vijay Shankar Pandey. An investigation related to Pandey giving a wrong affidavit to the Supreme Court is also pending. Central Revenue Secretary Sumit Mitra himself wrote to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the Home Ministry, but DoPT also does not give quick permission to investigations against big IAS officers and this reality is not hidden from anyone. This is the reason that the CBI has not submitted a charge sheet against Pradeep Shukla till date. One of the main reasons that investigations have not taken place against Pradeep Shukla has been because of one of his family members is in the Prime Minister’s Office.
The CBI had made a charge sheet against IAS officer Mahesh Kumar Gupta many years ago on the scam of appointments in the Information Department, but they could not take the case further for a long time. Then the lethargic working system of the CBI officers was exposed as Mahesh Kumar Gupta was given a clean chit by the High Court. The CBI handles bureaucrats in such a way so that they can get a clean chit in the High Court. The lethargic working system of the CBI in the NRHM scandal not only gave a boost to the morale of the bureaucrats but they are also getting help in coming out from jails. The CBI also seems to be unsuccessful in finding out the main evidence in the murder of two Chief Medical Officers and one Deputy Chief Medical Officer. The benefit of the lethargic working system of CBI has already been taken by IAS officer Lalit Verma who was accused in the disproportionate assets case. The CBI had found Verma to be guilty of showing his age to be less by 3 years, but with a planned conspiracy in the High Court he was given a clean chit. The reliability of the CBI has also come under the scanner in the irrigation scam of approximately 40,000 crore rupees. Some of the corrupt officers even got bail thanks to the lethargic working system of CBI. In 2004 the CBI had filed a lawsuit in the irrigation scam against 11 public service officers of the then Sub Divisional Magistrate level, but most of the officers brought a stay on their arrest from the High Court and are making fun and mockery of the CBI system. The CBI never made a serious effort to contest the stay order given to them by the High Court. Accused in the irrigation scam, IAS officer Vinay Kumar Srivastava, is enjoying the benefits his post very comfortably.
Due to the lethargic working system of the CBI, not only the leaders but many politicians are not getting exposed for their corruption. The examples for this are former Chief Minister Mayawati who had a case for disproportionate assets and Raghuraj Pratap Singh who was involved in the irrigation scam. CBI officers take the support of such technical failures in the court, so that the corrupt officers not only get bail but instead the court gives a warning to the CBI and gives the officers a clean chit. The Aarushi murder case is also a vivid example of the lethargic working system of the CBI. Under these circumstances it has become a problem for the public as they are facing a torrid situation from both the sides of the system. Either it is the BSP Government or it is the SP Government who is making a mockery of the entire system. The amount of money which the leaders and the bureaucrats earn through corruption is the money of the people, but what can the public do and whom can it ask for answers ? If the bureaucrats fear someone in the country then it is only the court which becomes a threat for them as it does not listen to any of their statements. The court made a strong statement against the bureaucrats when it ordered 3 years of imprisonment to IAS officer Neera Yadav and IAS officer Rajeev Kumar in the Noida allocation scam. This gave a clear message that the bureaucrats might have had a good time till now but their fiefdom is not going to last in the country.


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