Gujarat Assembly Elections and Muslims : Double Standards of The Congress

Preparations Preparations have already started for the next Lok Sabha Elections. The Congress has handed over the command of the elections to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has been made the Chief of the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections Committee. It has been already decided that Rahul Gandhi will be the candidate for the Prime Ministerial post. There is nothing new in it. The Committee consists of the same people who have been making strategies for the Congress so far. So there is no hope that something new will happen. But the question is : what is there for the Muslims? The question is : the way in which the Congress tried to get votes from the Muslims by cheating them during the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections, will they do the same thing again?
Salman Khurshid has been promoted. Now he has become the Minister of External Affairs. Dressed in suits, he goes on tours abroad. What has he done during his tenure as a Minority Affairs Minister that the Congress Party has promoted him? If we recall the last few months, then we can remember only two incidents regarding Salman Khurshid. One is the case of embezzling money in the name of the handicapped people of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and the second one is when he said during the UP Vidhan Sabha Elections that Muslims will be provided with 9 per cent reservation. He assured that the Congress will soon make a law for the reservation of Muslims. Several months have passed since the UP Vidhan Sabha Elections have ended. Now elections are going to be held in Gujarat. But during the Gujarat elections nobody is claiming to provide even 5 per cent reservation for Muslims, 9 per cent is so far away. What does it mean? Its meaning is clear : that the Congress is not serious regarding the reservation of the Muslims. By raising this issue, the Congress tried to win votes in the UP Vidhan Sabha elections. The strategy of Rahul Gandhi was that by showing the ‘lollipop’ of reservation, the Muslims can easily be made fools. We will discuss further how the Congress Party tried to make fool of the Muslims during the UP Elections, but first let us understand the strategy of the Congress Party for the Gujarat elections.
The Gujarat elections are not just a fight between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The eyes of the entire world are focused on the Gujarat elections. The Gujarat elections will determine the future of Hindustan. They will decide whether ‘secularism’ is still alive in this country or the people of this country have presumed that ‘communalism’ is part of national life. Narendra Modi represents politics whose path follows ‘Hindutva.’ There is no room for commonality among the people of every community in it. But who is there to fight against such powers? The people of the country have given this responsibility to the Congress. But the Congress has failed to fulfill this responsibility. Why has the Congress forgotten the Gujarat riots in this election? Why haven’t they made it the main issue? Sonia Gandhi has addressed a rally once during the Gujarat elections, while Narendra Modi is touring the entire State. Why did Rahul Gandhi, the next contender for the Prime Ministerial post from the Congress, not fight directly with Narendra Modi ? By the way, the Congress Party is spending crores of rupees for publicity on TV, but the Gujarat riots are not the prime issue. Has the Congress Party has accepted that the clean chit given by the Special Investigation Team to Narendra Modi was correct ? Has the Congress Party e also given a clean chit to Narendra Modi? If this is not the case then why are Gujarat riots not the main issue in the elections?
It has been made clear that the Gujarat riots are out of the agenda of the Congress. The Congress has made ‘development’ their main agenda. According to the statistics of the Congress, development has taken place in Gujarat. That is why by considering ‘development’ as the main agenda, in a way the Congress is already allowing Narendra Modi to win the elections. It seems that by considering ‘development’ as the main issue and prominent leaders of the Congress not doing any publicity for the elections, the Congress has decided to give a walk over to Narendra Modi.
In between, news came which made all the secular parties ashamed. Statistics given by the Home Ministry, based on the report of 17 States and 6 Union Territories, were shocking. In the police stations of which State are there the maximum number of Muslim policemen? In this matter, Gujarat is at the top of the list. Among the policemen appointed in the police stations of Gujarat, 10.6 per cent are Muslims, which is higher than the proportion of the Muslim population in Gujarat. The Muslims population is Gujarat is 9.1 per cent. Among the 47,424 police men appointed in 501 police stations of Gujarat, 5021 are from the Muslim community. Seen from this perspective, in every police station of Gujarat on an average there are 10 Muslim police men. The Sachar Committee recommended that to restore confidence among the Minorities, their employment should be increased in the Police and Para military forces so that the incidents of injustice against the Muslims decrease and the police could play a correct role during the riots. Surprisingly, in the Congress-ruled States, the statistics are very poor and among them Rajasthan has the poorest record. Among the 773 police stations in Rajasthan, there are only 930 Muslim policemen. Rajasthan is a Congress-ruled State. The funniest thing is, when different States were asked to provide this information, then 11 States and one Union Territory didn’t provide the statistics. Among them, Bihar and Karnataka were the only States where a BJP Government is ruling; in the remaining States the Congress and other secular parties are ruling. Not providing the statistics meant that the number of Muslim policemen in those States are so few that they could not be even mentioned. Now the question is, if the Narendra Modi Government is able to do so, then where is the problem in implementing it in the Congress-ruled States?
Recently, there were two news items which drew the attention of people. Both the news items were shocking. The first one came from Hyderabad, in which Member of Parliament (MP) Asaduddin Owaisi announced that, his party Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen has taken back its support from the Congress. Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen was supporting the Congress in Andhra Pradesh. But the reasons given by Asaduddin Owaisi were obviously shocking. He said the Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh is anti-people and communal. Along with it he also accused the Congress Party of becoming a sycophant to the Sangh family i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Owaisi said that Chief Minister Kiran Reddy has stooped so low that he has started to cajole the RSS and is working to make the position of the BJP stronger in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas. Owaisi said to the media that the Congress has got Kiran Reddy as the second Narasimha Rao, which reminds us about the Babri Masjid incident. The Congress Party is in maze regarding its ideologies and policies. If the people who are aligned with the Congress are accusing the party of becoming communal and making an alliance with the RSS, then the complications becomes bigger.
But the allegations made by Asaduddin Owaisi are partially true. The question is whether all the allegations made by him are true or he has tried to give a shine to his politics by raising this emotional issue. Which secular party in this country has left the ‘throne’ for the reservation, education, employment, health and rights of the Muslims? Till now no one has shown such guts. This question should also be addressed to Asaduddin Owaisi. Why didn’t he break relations with the Congress when the Ranganath Mishra Commission report was hidden by the Manmohan Singh Government? When Chauthi Duniya published this report and pandemonium started in the Rajya Sabha, then why didn’t Asaduddin Owaisi raise this issue in the Lok Sabha? When the Muslims were cheated during the UP Lok Sabha Elections, then why didn’t he take back his support from the Congress? Does the politics of the Minorities involve only raising these emotional issues? Will there be any discussion on the actual issues of the Muslims or will they only be deceived?
How do political parties cheat Muslims – the real example of it are the Muslims of UP.The Congress tried to make a fool out of them by giving them the lollipop of reservation. When Chauthi Duniya published the Ranganath Mishra Commission report, then Mulayam Singh Yadav created pandemonium in the Lok Sabha, due to which the Central Government was compelled to present the Ranganath Mishra Commission report in Parliament. The point to be considered is that the Congress Party has submitted the reports of the Sachar Committee and the Ranganath Mishra Commission in Parliament but without an action taken report. Two years passed, and again during the UP Vidhan Sabha elections, Salman Khurshid announced that the Government has decided to provide reservations for the Muslims. All the news channels and newspapers were saying that it was Muslim Reservation, but the reality was that this promise was included in the Other Backward Caste (OBC) quota. However several segments among the Muslims are backward from the social and economical point of view. That is why they were getting the benefit of reservation in Government jobs and universities. In such a case what benefit would the Muslims have got from this decision of the Government? There is no such provision in our Constitution to provide reservation in the name of religion. That is why, to provide reservation for the Muslims we have to amend the Constitution. However, the Congress Party announced the reservation, but never talked about amending the Constitution, so it raises a question on the intention of the Congress. The reason behind raising questions on the intention of the Congress is, firstly it has announced the reservation of the Minorities as reservation for the Muslims via the media. That means the reservation of which Salman Khurshid was talking is a part of the OBC quota, in which Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Parsees and Muslims are included. The second point to be considered is that the Hindi and the Urdu copy of the manifesto prepared by the Congress for the Vidhan Sabha elections was also changed. In the English copy it was written as ‘Minority’ reservation, whereas in the Hindi and Urdu copy it was changed to ‘Muslim’ for misguiding the Muslims. It clearly means that the policy of the Congress was to get votes only by making a fool of the Muslims, not by providing reservation. But when their actual face came forward and got exposed in front of the Muslims, then the whole strategy of the Muslims was shattered. That is why the Congress and Rahul Gandhi suffered a shameful defeat in the UP Vidhan Sabha elections.
If the Congress wants to win the next Lok Sabha Elections and Rahul Gandhi wants to become the next Prime Minister, then there are some issues in the country on which the Congress should have a clear view. Communalism is such an issue on which there should not be any confusion. Showing softness to communalism in Gujarat and showing harshness in UP is opportunistic politics. Promising false reservations in the States where the population of the Muslims plays a conclusive role and by not considering the rights of the Muslims where their population is less and weak is dishonesty. The Congress should understand that this is not 1990. The Muslims will gain nothing if Rahul Gandhi wears a ‘topi’ or their Iftar Party is shown in the media. The Muslims have woken up. The new generation has started to raise questions. They do not listen to the ‘Maulvis’ now, through which their votes used to be managed. That is why along with the Congress Party, all the other political parties will have to keep a clear view in front of the country about their thinking, plans, policies and responsibilities towards the Muslims and will have to follow them, otherwise they won’t even know when the ground under their feet will slip away.


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