Sarabjit’s Story Through His Letters

Sarabjit’s letters written to me and some big politicians include several crucial facts and figures about the case. They reveal how a simple farmer working in the fields crossed No Man’s Land and got caught in Pakistan. They shed light on how long Security Forces kept him and what happened to him in captivity. Did he give a confessional statement? I am sure after reading these letters which form part of my book the civilised world and people with a consience will come together and make efforts for Sarabjit’s release.

Sarabjit’s Letters to Me

Dear Awais Sheikh Sahib,
Please ponder over the following points:

  •  All the evidences recorded and the cross questioning carried out was in my favour. The judge of the terrorist court Aslam Shami nullified all those cross questions that were asked and filed in all the statements according to the police charges.
  •  The Magistrate said that Sarabjit came and made confession. The actual situation is that my lawyer Tasawar Hussain Qureishi got late for some reason. On the judges bidding I asked the lawyer if the man who made the confession had a beard. The magistrate replied in affirmative. When my lawyer came and asked the same question the Magistrate replied “no he had no beard.” The lawyer asked, “Did you call AC or DC.” The answer was no. He further inquired, “Did you read the statement?” The answer was no. It is deplorable that after changing so many entries, even then my files lack proper legal procedure. There was no one to guard my position.
  •  The judge wrote on this file:
  •  Identification parade was not conducted.
  •  No recovery was made.
  •  FIR-not known.
  •  No debate was made.
  •  No chance given for counter defence.
  •  Confessional statement carries only the name.

Even today if this file is brought to the court many flaws will be discovered. There are no finger prints on my statement. Is this so unimportant? If this is so unimportant then why was I given such a harsh punishment?
I would like to ask the court that if anyone who is helpless or an Indian should he not be given a chance of defence. Has the Pakistani Law got only punishment for these souls? Sir, I know that the law is blind. The eyes of the law are the respectable judges and files. One eye should not harm the other eye but the same tragedy has happened to me. My first appearance was on 1.7.91. The challan was presented after some days. On 15.8.91 the judgement was passed against me.
Awais Bhai, if you deem it proper you can send this to the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary. If you think of something new, you can add it too.


Brother Awais Sheikh Sahib,
Going through the papers you handed to me has set alight a torch of hope which has been initiated by you, your colleagues, my countrymen and my family. May God help you.
Sarabjit Singh

Since you have come after visiting my home, I am waiting for you to hear about my family. My heart is in pain as you can understand yourself. You must have been hindered by something, may be you are trying for permission. In that case please deposit the things that my family has sent and send a list to me. I will give my signature for the receipt. I had asked Didi to send 8000 Indian rupees. This will suffice for the time being. Kindly give your card and mobile number also. The winter is on and I need warm stuff. You never know about the relief, at least I will be safe from the cold. The efforts you are making are appreciable and I and my family shall never forget this favour of yours. I keep praying for you at all times.
Your humble brother, Your and Your family’s obediently,

Dear brother Awais Sheikh Sahib,
Only Allah can give you the returns for what you are doing for me. Man is made to serve others and this been a tradition for centuries. I can’t do anything for you so I ask Allah to give you best of returns. Now please tell me about the progress of the case. When will I be released? Only Allah knows what is going to happen.
You had told me of your intention to meet the President of Pakistan. Have you already met him? Have you received an appointment or not? Please do something for this immediately. Do come to see me, because my heart and soul want to see you.
These days we have received a new Superintendent. When he was an assistant he used to be against me. Now because of you brother his hands are tied. Nevertheless I fear that he will try to irritate me again. If he will do this I will write a letter to you.
I was given mental torture in 2006-2007, my pen and paper and other things were snatched. Even now they turn to old tricks. The man next to my cell Karpal Singh is a total nuisance for me. He gives false information about me to jailors. He even talks rubbish about my family members. I had requested the people from my embassy on 09.09.2009 to get him shifted from here but nothing happened. Please forgive any mistake considering me a younger brother. In prayers for you always.

Dear brother Awais Sheikh Sahib,
Your children are like my nephews and nieces. I wish to make some gift for them. I make these for my special friends only. Please provide me with the necessary material so I could express myself. I would appreciate if the material is of best quality. There are two stars in this sample, please bring these too. The red star should be of 10 ounces. And don’t ever mention about this letter to the staff here. If they stop you from bringing this material tell them that Supreme Court has permitted the foreigners.
Yours, younger brother

Respected brother,
You had told me to write my account. Now the position is that I tried it once but couldn’t pen down anything. This is due to my depression. There is my problem of fungal infection also. I have not been allowed to take sunshine. Here I can get the sun for only an hour or so due to walls and trees. You should ask the Superintendent to keep me where I can sunshine and can walk a little too. You can approach the court and the media as well. I am sending two more letters in Hindi, one for my sister, the other for my wife. Please pay my regards and greetings to all my country fellows wherever you happen to visit. I have asked Baji(elder sister) to give you some necessary items. You have already given me a blanket, I don’t need another one. I plan to share my part in the book that you are authoring. By the time you will return from India I would have completed much work. I shall share some valuable information.
Yours obediently,

Dear Awais Sheikh Sahib,
I always pray for your success which is my victory as well. I had to complain to you about another Indian. Nothing has been done about it. Please do whatever you can as it is a constant source of tension for me. If you give a telephone call to the Superintendent, this can be done easily. I will be in peace then. If the jail staff does not cooperate you should approach the court on my behalf. I am disturbed a lot and want Karpal Singh s/o Das Singh to be transferred from here. Kindly get this done as early as possible.
Yours obediently,

Letter to Mr. L.K Advani
General Secretary
Bharatiya Janata Dal Political Party, India
Respected Sir,
I am Sarabjit Singh serving imprisonment in Pakistan at Kot Lakhpat Jail. I have to request you to put some diplomatic pressure on the Government of Pakistan for my release. I am grateful to all the political parties of India, their general secretaries, office bearers, and the public of India who proved to be an iron wall in snatching me from the jaws of death. I am proud to be a citizen of India.
The other request is that kindly arrange for the lawyer Awais Sheikh to meet some high officials so that he can get help in my case.
I salute you and all the people of India and say thank you from the depth of my heart.
Yours obediently,
Sarabjit Singh
Kot Lakhpat Jai, Lahore
Date: 31-11-2010

Letter to the Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh Ji
Salaam, Namaskar and Sat Sri Akal to you, all the people of India. I am Sarabjit Singh resident of Sungh Pind , Pheekhaywal, Tehsil Pahi. I am highly grateful to all the leaders of your sort and the public for giving me so much importance. You have showed the world that we are all one, there is religious harmony in our ranks and we can’t remain separated from each other, we are Hindi and Hindustan is ours.
Respected Sir, I have to request you that my advocate Awais Sheikh wishes to meet some influential personality. Kindly grant him some time. Another request that you should exert some pressure on Pakistan’s officials for my freedom so that I can live with my family members and serve my countrymen. I am highly grateful to you and shall remain obliged always.
I wish and hope that I will be given another chance to serve.
Yours and countrymen’s sincerely,
Sarabjit Singh
Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore
30 November 2010.

Letter to respected Srimati Sonia Gandhi Ji
At your service, Jai Hind,
I am kindly requesting you that if there would be a delay in my release then please issue visas for my sister, family members and son-in-law. So that they could come and meet me and that would also give a lot of relief to my eyes which have been pining for the moment when I can see my family members.
I am very thankful to the Central Government and the State Governments that they have made a unanimous effort for my release and helped in making me release very much realistic. Please issue visas for my family members and provide permission for them to meet me.
It will be really gracious of you.
Your and country’s server,
Sarabjit Singh
31 July 2012.

(To be continued)


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