Build Up of Pressures & Turmoil

Recently, Nitish Kumar started on an ‘Adhikar Yatra.’ This was his first unofficial tour after he came to power, which means the party was arranging everything. The issue was ‘the rights of Bihar’, i.e. to confer the status of a ‘Special State’ on Bihar. Nitish Kumar made it clear that this tour would be fully soaked ‘in political syrup’. Actually, this is the master shot of the Janata Dal ( United ) for the Lok Sabha Elections. This support will also be the yardstick for gauging the results of the elections and the process of making Government. The opponents of Nitish Kumar realised that the status of ‘Special State’ was an arrow which could break any kind of electoral trap and Nitish Kumar would come out as winner. That is why the there is a lot of unease. That is why it has been decided that the politics of Nitish should be thwarted. It was against this background that Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan met each other after a long time in Patna. It was decided that the public should be informed that Nitish Kumar was never serious about the topic of ‘Special State,’ which he is proclaiming in the state today. He had even spoilt what was already built. The leaders of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Lok Janshakti Party (LOJPA) will surely raise this issue in their conferences in future as well. Other than this lakhs of pamphlets will be distributed in the state in which the real story of the status of ‘Special State’ will be stated.
In addition to this, the RJD and the LOJPA will put up hoardings and posters in Patna and the entire state so that the public should understand the reality of this issue. Lalu Prasad Yadav said that Nitish Kumar is making pretensions on the issue of ‘Special State.’ Rabri Devi as Chief Minister was the first to demand the status of ‘Special State’ for Bihar. But Nitish Kumar who was then holding the berth of a Cabinet Minister was unable to digest this. The Chief Spokesperson of the RJD, Vijay Krishna, elaborated that when Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Prime Minister at that time, visited Bihar, the then Chief Minister Rabri Devi demanded at Gandhi Maidan that Bihar should be given the status of ‘Special State.’ Vajpayeeji replied that this is a good demand and it is in my mind. This was greeted by huge applause from those present. Nitish Kumar was also present on the stage as a Minister. Vijay Krishna alleged that after this some leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) explained to Vajpayeeji that if Bihar is given the status of ‘Special State’, then the RJD will get a huge political advantage. After that Vajpayeeji started to talk about a ‘Special Package’ instead of ‘Special State.’
Vijay Krishna said that his party will tour the entire state to expose the public to this reality. The RJD said that after taking full consent of the Vidhan Sabha, a proposal was passed to make Bihar a ‘Special State,’ but Nitish Kumar declared this important issue as the JD( U)’s issue. On the other hand, the JDU Spokesperson, Neeraj Kumar said that the Chief Minister is only demanding for the rights of Bihar not for the JD (U ). Nitish Kumar has started a crusade against the Central Government for their step-motherly behaviour towards Bihar. Now this war will not finish till Bihar get its legitimate right. Here a new thing is to be seen in the ‘Adhikar Yatra.’ The para-teachers are going on a rampage everywhere. The JD(U) is alleging that it is a conspiracy of the opponent parties. Nitish Kumar is quite angry at this. He went to the extent of saying that the demand of the para-teachers was a distant matter, they would not even be considered. Ex- Member of the Legislative Council (MLC), P.K Sinha said that these are the words of a dictator. The duty of the Chief Minister of a State is to settle problems, not to rule like Adolf Hitler. It has been assessed that from the agitation of the para-teachers, the opposition perceives that the public is now less enamoured with Nitish Kumar. If this is the case then why are only para-teachers protesting? Is the resentment against Nitish Kumar only from the side of the para- teachers, or there is some other reason behind it ? Protests by showing slippers (footwear) or by throwing chairs is not in the culture of Bihar. Agitations in Bihar take place on the basis of ethics, issues and facts in a democratic manner. Not by showing or throwing shoes and slippers. If the para-teachers are upset then they should keep their grievances before the Government in an appropriate manner. There are many ways for holding agitations in a democracy. It should be kept in mind that if you show or throw slippers, then the Government will never consider your demands.


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