LG 105” Curved Ultra HD TV is now up for pre-order

lg-105-curved-ultra-hdLet’s just say that you have plenty of money to spare and are not quite sure what to do with it, perhaps you might be able to want to check out the LG 105” Curved Ultra HD TV. After all, it is available for pre-order now, although pricing details remain to be determined depending on the location. First shown off a CES earlier this year, the LG 105” Curved Ultra HD TV is now up for pre-order earlier this week in South Korea, where there is a resolution of more than 11 million pixels (5120 x 2160) as well as a CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio. When we talk about 11 million pixels, it measures more than five times the resolution of a Full HD TV. The high level of pixel density ensure that all images are rendered with a level of sharpness and clarity which will clearly need to be seen to be believed. The 105UC9 managed to achieve its superior picture quality thanks to LG’s True 4K Engine Pro and IPS 4K Panel, and with the True 4K Engine Pro, it is capable of doing away with visual errors and will also be able to get the job done of upscaling lower-resolution content into near-Ultra HD territory, and the IPS 4K Panel is capable of delivering consistent contrast, true-to-life colors and a wide viewing angle. As for your ears, you will be able to enjoy incredible sounding audio through a built-in 7.2 channel, 150W sound system. This will be made up of LG’s ULTRA Surround concept and developed in partnership with premium audio products manufacturer Harman Kardon, where the speaker array offers a powerful and rich audio experience. The multi-channel system will certainly be able to complement the TV’s 21:9 CinemaScope screen that is worthy of an actual movie theater. Thanks to the immensely satisfying user experience via LG Smart+TV, it will remain centered on the intuitive webOS platform. Expect the LG 105UC9 to be introduced in other markets from the fourth quarter onward. Any takers? There is the older 77” model available as well just in case you want something smaller.
Price: To be announced.


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