Rearview Bike Camera makes riding safer on the roads

rearview-bike-camera-makes-When you’re out for a ride, our rechargeable Rearview Bike Camera gives you increased awareness of your surroundings. The rear-facing camera and LCD viewing screen allow you to you constantly monitor approaching vehicles without having to look back and risk losing your balance. The camera also makes you more visible to motorists with 10 flashing red LEDs that automatically turn on in low light. This weather-resistant system operates for more than 10 hours on a full charge.
Stay safe on the road! Our rechargeable Rearview Bike Camera lets you monitor approaching vehicles and makes you more visible to motorists with 10 flashing red LEDs.

  1.  See vehicles approaching from behind
  2.  Gain a better awareness of your surroundings
  3.  Eliminate the need to look behind you while riding
  4.  10 flashing red LEDs automatically turn on in low light to increase safety and visibility
  5.  Operates 10+ hours on a full charge
  6.  Weather resistant
  7.  Vibration-protected design
  8.  Easy to clean and store
  9.  Charger plugs into an AC adapter
  10.  Price: Rs 12200 .

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