Who Is The Hotter Glamazone?

Malaika Arora Khan has had a successful stint on the small screen with shows like ‘Nach Baliye’, ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ and ‘India’s Got Talent’. Now, Mallika Sherawat is all set to step into Malaika Arora’s turf with her first reality show. If there is one common factor to Mallika Sherawat and Malaika Arora Khan, it is their ability to titillate. Both have abundant confidence and oomph factor; and both apparently have a ‘give a damn’ attitude – perhaps carefully cultivated. And they surely have made their million-rich bank accounts – all with their ability to make people gape and drool. Here is a xomparison of the Bollywood glamazons.

who-is-the-hotter-glamazonePerfect 10
As physical attributes go, Mallika Sherawat and Malaika Arora Khan vie for the perfect 10. Are they? That is for the beholder to say. After all, isn’t it said that each one draws a little of oneself from anything, anyone that comes across? And we live in a world where even Shakeela, the buxom one down south, has had legions of fans.
Naach power : Malaika Arora
When it comes to swaying the hips, even if it is on a train top or to the visual delight of an unruly looking crowd, there is no beating Malaika Arora Khan. She does it with what can only be called ‘item girl panache.’
Naach power : Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat, despite attempting an occasional ‘special dance’ number, has never been the ‘item girl’ of Bollywood. Through a dare-to-drub-me attitude, she has distanced nuisance crowds, always walked the path she wanted to take, and kiss or hiss, she gives audiences a reason to gasp.
Romance quotient : Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Khan, for all her ‘item girl’ image, is the perfect example of the domesticated Bollywood biwi. Whatever the rumour mills churn out, she has been seen playing the contented homemaker, even serving as a role model for aspiring Bollywood-biwis-to-be.
Romance quotient: Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat is her own woman – maybe there is a method and reason to her ‘I am my own master’ personality. And when it comes to personal gossip, Bollywood has this unique ability to gossip and go-shut with every step of fame coming your way.
Domestic Bliss: Malaika Arora
Malaika, largely, has toed the middle class Indian domestic life. A few tough choices here and there, but she has not really ruffled her folks (or at least the media doesn’t seem to bother much about it).
Domestic Bliss: Mallika Sherawat
With Mallika, it has been a different ball game. From a name change to adapting her ‘mother’s maiden name’ there has been enough to make the Bollywood press go ga-ga about Mallika’s strained, love-hate relations with family, speculations about marriage and what not. And… she cares two hoots.
Histrionic-ally speaking: Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Khan never really has tried her hands at acting – she has been contented to being the ‘item girl,’ a tribe that has been restored thanks to this lady. Look at Bollywood’s history – the vamps of the industry had to give way when the heroines started shedding their clothes with relish. Malaika has proved that wearing skimpy attire isn’t enough; you ought to shake your body like nobody’s business – and that is not everybody’s business.
Histrionic-ally speaking: Mallika Sherawat
No critic or fan, well, not even Mallika herself, might want to claim that she is an actress of substance. Give her a role that demands true histrionics, and you see the lady struggling helplessly. Give her what she is expected to deliver, and she surprises the audience with sheer on-screen passion. But whether she can sizzle the box office, all through her own might, is looking increasingly doubtful. What she can assure, however, is an initial draw.
Media match: Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Khan rarely annoys the media; probably because she knows that she needs them now than vice versa. When a whiplash has to be brought out to rein in some loose tongues that abound in a Bollywood film and even mainstream media, she has her hunky hubby to do the job. If Arbaaz can’t put the restrain, she always has Salman to call upon – and for their bravado, the Indian media doesn’t take ‘panga’ with Sallu.
Media match : Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat’s media management ought to be made a chapter of its own in any communications curriculum. Look at this girl! Bollywood has seen sexier and more beautiful damsels, and yet, this girl, whose claim to fame was some 17 kisses a la a cheap Harold Robbins thriller, is seen rubbing her shoulders with anyone from Barack Obama to Jackie Chan and then some! How did she make it? How is she the forever media favourite? Or is it just a case of the media’s understanding that ‘loving to hate’ is more powerful a seller than just love and mindless hate?
Desi vs Videsi : Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Khan, for all practical purposes, is still India’s own ‘item girl.’ Model to VJing to item dances – it looks her career is set; from item girl roles, she might do a few insignificant side-kick roles, and then she could establish herself as a judge of reality shows. Unless miracles happen!
Desi vs Videsi : Mallika Sherawat
For Mallika, the miracle has already happened. Despite (or because of) her limited skills as an actress, she has managed to convince presidents to superstars that she is a force to reckon with in India. Everywhere from Cannes to Dubai (where she is a regular in opening jewellery shops), Mallika makes a mark – as a face of India, whether you like it or not.
Final count
How do you make a choice, here? Who will you vote for? We know it is difficult to choose the hotter glamazon of these two. How about a perfect pictorial duel? Go ahead, take a scan, and choose the winner
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