Becoming a mother has been a blessing: Aishwarya

becoming-a-mother-has-been-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said that becoming a mother has been a blessing for her. “Change is constant in life. Every experience contributes to change and growth, making you hopefully a better human being. Becoming a mother has been a blessing and I cherish this gift from God,” Aishwarya said. “Aaradhya (her daughter) is a wonderful blessing in our lives and she is very special and it is a loving fulfillment. I am grateful for this experience,” she said.
The actress was speaking at the unveiling of stem cell banking by LifeCell. Aishwarya said she had opted for banking her daughter’s stem cells. “I was aware about stem cell banking as a development probably out of my interest in the medical field as most of my friends are doctors. I have been aware of this way before I got married. I was always fascinated by it. Any research and development in general let alone in science and healthcare has always been of interest to me,” she said.


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