Dirty Tricks Department Should Stop : Need For A Fresh Reality Check

In Narendra Modi’s first rally after being declared the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate   the ex-servicemen’s rally  the former Chief of Army staff, General V.K.Singh, also appeared on the podium. General V.K.Singh had raised the issue of his date-of-birth but unfortunately he was not given justice either by the Government or by the courts. Yet he gracefully retired. Now, post-retirement, since he is an honest man even his enemies in the Army are not able to point a finger at him. He’s trying to do a little bit for the country, for the farmers, for the landless, for the people whose land has been taken away etc, etc. In that connection he attended the services rally but the Congress is so paranoid, that the moment they saw the picture of Narendra Modi and General V.K. Singh together, it was like letting the cat among the pigeons. They put all the forces at their command into making all sorts of false charges, trumped-up charges, that money was given, in Jammu and Kashmir all Ministers run NGO’s. And it is a system, money is given from the Army fund to all these NGO’s, that is, to maintain peace. It is back channel diplomacy. I don’t understand.  Suddenly you are putting  all the blame that he wanted to topple the Government. Why should Gen V.K.Singh topple a Government in Jammu and Kashmir, what will he gain, he can’t become the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. And what is the charge? That he paid 1.19 crores or something to a Minister to change sides. The Congress must know that for 1.19 crores even a Municipal corporator will not change sides now. They are out of date with the figures. But they have to say something. They have to put tar on a clean man. That’s what they are doing. But they don’t understand that this will not wash. People have seen through this game. The Congress Government which is full of scams is now trying to blame a clean man. What can be a bigger joke? It is like the pot calling the kettle black. General V.K.Singh is not even a kettle, he is a clean white silver utensil. You are calling him black? Either you’re blind, or you’re so motivated or you think people are so foolish that they will buy anything that the Government says. I think they need a reality check. The Press Advisor to the Prime Minister should advise him that this won’t work, they should talk of ideology. In my opinion with the appointment of  Narendra Modi the Congress is on a strong wicket. Don’t attack all the sundry points. Just stick to the point  that the country is going to be in danger if you appoint a man like Narendra Modi. He will be a dictator, he’s not secular. The minorities will be in trouble. All these  points are enough to win the election again. The Congress may not win a majority but can make a coalition with other parties, but trying this trick of tarnishing a clean man this doesn’t help. It will reduce the credibility of the Congress and increase the credibility of Narendra Modi. Of course we may not agree that General V.K.Singh should have gone on Narendra Modi’s platform. But that is the individual’s choice and the Congress party should behave more maturely. I don’t know what their big leaders are doing, what their party-spokesman are doing. But the dirty tricks department should immediately come to a stop.


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