Defeat The BJP In Its Evil Design

The BJP announced its Prime Ministerial candidate on 13 September. First of all, the BJP has been crying itself hoarse against the Congress since 1970 when they said Indira Gandhi is trying to create a personality cult and this is not democratic. Now they are doing the same thing –they are not talking about party, policy or ideology — they are talking about one individual. Anyway, that is their problem. What did their Prime Ministerial candidate do the first thing after getting nominated? He held a rally of ex-servicemen in Rewari. He claims that he had made the commitment earlier therefore he had to address it. It is an irony that a person who wants to become the Prime Minister of the country does not understand that sending a message that he wants to function through the Army and the police makes it unnecessary for the politicians to come into the governance. The Army and police are already there. If they are enough to run the country then we don’t need elections, we don’t need a Prime Minister, we don’t need MPs and we don’t need MLA’s. He’s missed the point. The whole purpose of a civilian political set up is that they should be able to soothe the nerves of the people. He had said, I will use the Army to teach Pakistan a lesson. For that do we need a Prime Minister? The Army chief can do it by himself. We need a Prime Minister to say that I will make relations with Pakistan normal so that the Army is not under pressure. Then we need a Prime Minister. We don’t need the Prime Minister to say tell the Army to shoot. Army doesn’t need advice. He missed the point. This is the BJP. They want to appoint a Prime Minister who talks about violence. Before he has even begun his innings he talks of violence. The country is suffering from enough violence. Pakistan and China are also Maoists. We want a Prime Minister who can bring down this temperature.
Of course the present Government has failed, there’s no doubt about that, it is very unfortunate and I can also understand if somebody says that Pakistan is violating the ceasefire everyday and we are not doing much. All that I can understand , but no, Mr. Narendra Modi is typical of the RSS-BJP culture and that culture is: we will not tolerate dissent, we will not tolerate democracy, we will teach everybody a lesson including our own people, except those who agree with them. So those who are not die-hard Hindus are in trouble including people like me. Muslims of course will be in trouble, Christians of course will be in trouble, but even normal peace loving citizens will be in trouble because they want jingoism, they want to raise the temperature. He’s not talking about ‘roti, kapda, makaan’, he’s not talking about making the lives of the people easier, he’s not talking about bringing inflation down, he’s not talking about controlling the current account deficit — all that the Prime Minister must talk about. He is talking of teaching Pakistan a lesson. That is the first job that he wants to do. And still if people elect him then the country will get the Government they deserve. If people can elect a person whose aim is to teach the neighbours a lesson it is like hiring a flat in a building and fighting with the neighbour every day. You can change your friends; you can’t change your neighbour. Pakistan and China will remain our neighbours forever. You need wise people. Jawahar Lal Nehru was a wise man. Of course China betrayed him and he felt very sorry but he tried to keep good relations. Indira Gandhi,yes, under her the Army was the at strongest. Pakistan broke into two. Indira Gandhi was given the credit because the Indian Army played the main role. But she did not lace her speeches with violence, teaching people a lesson — that is not a job of the Prime Minister. If law and order is good then a Collector is good enough. We don’t need a Chief Minister. The Collector and the Superintendent of police are good enough. They have got guns, they have got orders, they have got lathis. We need politicians so that these people are not to used unnecssarily. If the people are angry the politician should be able to go and explain to them. Make them cool down. If you have to rule only through the Collector and the police why are you wasting time and money on elections? But this is where the BJP and its new Prime Ministerial candidate wants the country to go. All other parties should get together and defeat the BJP in its evil design — that is the need of the hour.


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