Anna To Go On Fast Again

Hon’ble Shri Manmohan Singhji,
Prime Minister, Government of India.

I had written a letter to you on 12 February 2013. In reply, a letter was sent from your office in the name of Shri V. Narayanasamy, letter D. O. number 407/67/by 2012 -AVD/ 4B, dated 9 May 2013, which was received by me on 20 May 2013.
In this letter it is written that, “You may kindly remember the Citizens Charter Resolution passed by the Parliament on 27 August 2011”. I am pained by the fact that when I was sitting on a fast at Ram Lila Grounds on 16 August 2011, at that time the people of the entire country numbering crores had come onto the streets with the demand for a Jan Lokpal and for 12 days a ‘Jan Andolan’ or mass movement continued in all parts of the country.
“Concern about your health has built up. Your giving up the fast soon is necessary”. On receiving such a message from you, I had said that, trusting in what you are saying, a decision should be taken on three things at the earliest. 1) Citizens Charter, 2) A strong Lokayukt Bill in every State, and 3) All /Class A, B, C, D and officers and employees to be brought bring within the ambit of the Lokpal, pass these three issues in Parliament, a decision can be taken on the rest the things after discussion. ”
Accordingly, on 27 August 2011 you sent a letter with Hon’ble Minister Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh to the place where the fast was taking place in Ram Lila Maidan. In that letter it was written : ” a Resolution has been passed on the three points you raised in your letter. It is hoped that seeing this resolution passed by Parliament you will end his fast without delay and regain health again. We all wish for your health’. I reposed full faith in this letter from you, the reason being that it encompassed the welfare of society and of the country. In my life I have never thought about my own or my family’s welfare. Two years have passed and today you are saying to me, “You may remember the Citizens Charter Resolution passed by the Parliament on 27 August 2011”. Should we be satisfied and content just with remembering the Resolution that was passed in Parliament? Does the fulfillment of our purpose lie in this?
I feel that when crores of people in the country had come out on the streets for the Jan Lokpal to be made a law, perhaps the Government apprehended danger. Therefore, by getting me to end my fast, did it not perhaps amount to cheating the people? The reason being that all you gentlemen or excellencies sitting in Parliament, when it comes to increasing your salaries, increasing facilities for air or rail journeys, increasing many other facilities like residential ones – you get the Bill passed unanimously in a day, but when it comes to the welfare of society and the country, a Bill like the Jan Lokpal Bill that will stop corruption cannot be passed even after two years. The fact is that two years having elapsed since the three issues on which the Resolution was passed unanimously in Parliament means that the Government has no intention of doing anything and there is a lack of desire in any case.
Your Government can be in a majority even after there is opposition in the event of election to the post of President. Even after there is opposition to FDI, you can be in a majority, in the same way it was not impossible to have passed the Jan Lokpal Bill to stop corruption. Even after two years the Jan Lokpal Bill has not been passed. The meaning of this emerges clearly, that the Government has defrauded and cheated 120 crore people and Anna Hazare. My fast which you got me to give up after giving me a false assurance, I have decided to start on that incomplete fast again at that same Ram Lila Ground. Because how troubled people are due to corruption cannot be estimated or gauged by those sitting in airconditioning. Due to corruption, price rise and inflation have crossed all limits. You and your Government are unable to understand the sorrow and problems of people who have to take care of their families. Nor do you or your Government feel any of it. Therefore, I have been forced, compelled to arrive at the decision that till there is life in my body I will continue to sit on a fast at Ram Lila Ground. I can no longer bear or tolerate the pain and sorrow of the people. I have dedicated my life itself for their welfare. In a few days I will decide on the date in October when I will be going on a fast and inform you.
While touring Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, 11 districts in Uttar Pradesh and all the districts in Uttarakhand, I have told the people that “For the Jan Lokpal Bill I will once again have to go on fast at Ram Lila Maidan. You must also participate in this Andolan or movement”.
Now my Jan Yatra is on. I will go to another five States and awaken the people and then in my next letter I will give the date of my fast in October. Thank you very much.

Yours Faithfully,





(K. B. Hazare nickname Anna Hazare)
Ralegan Siddhi, 1 June 2013.


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