HP Launches lvy Bridge Ultrabooks in India

After Lenovo launched India’s first Ultrabook based on Intel’s latest generation Ivy Bridge processors, HP has followed suit by launching one of India’s cheapest thin and light notebooks.
HP has launched Ultrabooks and Sleekbooks based on Intel, and possibly AMD, chips. The starting price of Sleekbooks is just around Rs. 41,500 while Ultrabooks are priced upwards of Rs. 57,500.
Globally, HP has launched Ultrabooks, based on Intel chips; while it has used the name Sleekbooks for Ultrabooks based on AMD’s Trin

ity Fusion chips. Intel, which owns the ‘Ultrabook’ trademark, does not allow products based on competitors’ chips such as Trinity, to be called Ultrabooks.
All four laptops that have been launched feature Intel HD Graphics as their base configuration, with the choice of 2GB AMD Radeon 7670M card.
HP is currently the only brand to have an AMD Trinity-based laptop in India, the Pavilion G6-2005AX, priced at around Rs. 32,600. However, since it is not based on Trinity’s low-voltage version, the battery life is only 3–4 hours and the model weighs 2.5 kg.
Ivy Bridge is clearly the catchphrase in the tech world this year, and apart from Intel, every other competitive manufacturer is offering Ivy Bridge, be it a notebook or even a tablet. Along with that, Intel has announced their new CPU line-up in India as well for notebooks, desktops and All-in-One PCs.


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