Holy cow! Keep a tab on keepers

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By Santosh Bhartiya
Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a state of cow bhakts, who believe that serving cow will help them attain success in life. At the same time transportation of cow is becoming a matter of discord. Stories of cows being smuggled in cars are in the air.  In coming days cow-related matter may even create a riot-like situation between two communities.
When I deliberated over the issue, I found that cow is not an agricultural product which can be planted and harvested. Here I will invoke Muslim community in straightforward manner. It could have been easily assumed that Muslims smuggle and sell cow meat, had cows been planted in field like food grains, but it is not the case. Then who is behind the business of smuggling cows? Who sell the cow’s meat and who run slaughterhouses, wherein cows are killed? The most incredible coincidence is that most of the lawful slaughterhouses are owned by people from Jain or Hindu communities. The owner of largest slaughter houses in the country are non-Muslims. Interestingly, many of the BJP’s MPs are stakeholders in these slaughterhouses. On the other hand, politicians in the state, in connivance with the police, have granted contracts of the illegal slaughterhouses, where cows are slaughtered. They are also hand in glove with each other in the illegal collection.
In this backdrop, is there any possibility of cow slaughter and smuggling of cows being stopped? Or those who believe that cow is mother are genuine in their belief? In another words should there be no cow related riots in the state and the country? I have a few suggestions for this: All cows should be registered within a month with immediate effect. If the cows get ill, the District Magistrate should be informed. Moreover, the government can appoint a cow protection or gopalak (cow keeper) officer in every district, and the cow owner inform him that his cow is sick or is dead or he wants to sell it. He should also inform the officer as to whom he is selling his cow. This will not only facilitate counting of every cow in the state, but also help identify every person who owns cows. In the event of a cow being stolen, the police should search with as much seriousness as it put in searching a missing human being. If all cow-related data– whether they are sick or whether they are treated or not – should be maintained by cow Protection officer of  a particular district, then the security of the cows in every district of Uttar Pradesh will be ensured. And even after that, if somebody drive away his cows or get rid of his cow, then he will have to be answerable for that. This will also help to make out as to how many cows Muslims have and how many cows non-Muslims or in other words Hindus have.
Treating a septuagenarian elderly member of the family like an orphan is a common practice in Uttar Pradesh – they get cold shoulders from their sons and daughters alike and became a destitute in their own homes; they are given a go-by not only in terms of food but also in terms of medicines. A lot of well-educated and well-off people plan to leave them in old-age homes, as they become worthless object at home. They got their cot at most isolated places at home like under the staircase.
When the mother whom we owe a lot in life does not get respect in the house, then how will the cow that is also called mother be respected? As long as the cow gives milk, it is respected in the household. The day it ceases to give milk ways to get rid of it are found.  To do away with such practices, a cow protection officer should be appointed immediately in every district, who should keep the record of all the cows and cow owners of the district and who should be mandated to punish the violators. The Supreme Court may have said that anyone who does not look after his parents can be a part of the punishment and reproach. Sterner punishment should be given to those who neglect cows, or who are unable to serve it better. This is necessary because in our society there is a perception that the Muslims slaughter cows. While it is the son of gomata who sells the cow to the class of Muslim community that is engaged in meat business. They make a deal for few rupees and also contribute in creating riot-like situations. A positive suggestion is that government should have the data of every person who keeps cows, who runs goshaala and who gets profited from cow. A law should be implemented in Uttar Pradesh which will mandate punishment for selling cows because as long as a cow gives milk it is worthwhile, and the day it ceases to give milk it becomes useless.
Contrary to this, a view should emerge that cow is at the center of our agricultural system. Cow’s urine and cow dung can be utilized for farming. In order to adopt a positive approach, the Uttar Pradesh government should propagate that cow is not just a milking animal its dung can also be beneficial. Extensive cow keeping can make farming chemical fertilizer-free. Will Uttar Pradesh government work on these lines or maintain the traditional cause of the riots and invoke cow just for electoral gain?


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